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Quick Walk In The Sunshine


Quick walk in the sunshine with the rod, to start with the fish really seemed thin on the ground, mind that might have been something to do with the cormorants that were about, I think I fished two runs before I started to find a few fish and the best bit the new nymph caught the lions share of the fish.


Bloody Technology !!


Well out for a play and about time really ( seem to be a full time downhill mountain mechanic rather than fishing guide the joys of being a parent) I had knocked up a couple of new patterns last night so I thought I would give them a swim and boy did they work well, better than my crazy mobile phone especially when I wonted to take a pic of the better fish it went all to cock and wouldn’t do a thing.

Mind had a good morning catching around 20+ grayling a single fantastically marked brown trout all in around three hours, but the best bit was being out in the fresh air enjoying a spot of fishing.

Before The Wind & Rain


Well the wind and rain are on the way so I went and fished a few stretches of the river that I usually don’t go to, the run in the picture is very shallow and I have fished it many times with little success but I never say never, as I worked my way down the run it was dead, I have had small fish here but nothing very big, but then not a monster but a bigger than usual which was very pleasing, then another and another, for a change I caught around six nice fish just goes to show you should never ignore any water.


One of my Favourite Pieces Of Kit

This is one of my favourite bits of kit, I know a lot of people who carry two rods with them, I tried it for a while and couldn’t stand it, that’s just me. I prefer the rig box, I have on my rig winders a set up for Czech nymphing, French nymphing, dry fly and any thing else I fancy, I’m quite lazy when it comes to my own fishing sometimes instead of changing from one set up to another, I would move to another piece of water that my set up suited, with the rig box I can change from one set up to another in 2 minutes, another great thing on those super cold grayling days you can sort your leaders in the warm at home and have them ready in the box, a lot easier to swap one knot with freezing fingers, than a complete leader.