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Always Nice To Hear


I took Paul for a guided days fishing a few weeks a go teaching his about nymph and dry fly fishing, it was lovely to get an email off him with the kind words below.


“I spent 2 seasons teaching myself to fly fish on the upper Severn from books and YouTube. Practicing casting in fields, picking up the odd helpful tip here and there from other fly fishermen. I did not catch a single fish in that first season. But loved it all the same. It was more about getting a feel for casting and being in the river environment so not catching fish was ok. Second season my casting was improving (maybe not much!) and I was starting to consider approach, tactics and fly selection a lot more. It paid off and mid summer 2017 I caught my first ever fish on the fly, a beautiful Grayling. Thereafter I wanted to catch fish. Not just endlessly practice anymore! I managed a handful of stockies  since but very sporadic and more through accident than design. There were now just too many occasions where the fish were jumping and I just could not tempt a single one. Teaching myself had worked up to a point and was an extremely valuable process BUT there was a definite point where there were questions that I simply could not answer by myself.  The choice to head out with Andy was made at just the right time to give me that boost and encouragement before things got frustrating. We went to my favourite area and in one session caught more and bigger fish than I had managed in 2 seasons by myself. And on nymphs which were a total mystery to me up to this point!  Having gone out since I was able to replicate the success with another 9 fish and one monster rod snapping Grayling in one day and so on. Proving that coaching from Andy is spot on, providing the tools and understanding that change the game completely in a way that works. He keeps it simple, convinces you that it’s simple, and installs a great deal of confidence. The trouble with teaching yourself is that you never know if you’re doing it right or wrong. If you catch a fish was it chance or something you did right? If it’s not happening are you doing something badly wrong? It reaches a point where progression slows down or stops with all these unanswered questions. Andy clears all that up, removes the doubts from your mind and replaces it with confidence in your approach and trust in the process. It’s well worth doing and I’d say anyone trying to break into fly fishing would be well advised to go ahead and book a day sooner rather than later! It’s amazing value for money without a doubt, especially considering the lifelong benefit from just one day out. You can’t really put a price on that. Quite important for me is that he doesn’t do the work for you. Anyone can pay a guide to find the fish, select your fly, tell you how to cast and basically do all the catching for you. But Andy is a true teacher who makes you do the work so you get the learning. I’ll be heading out with Andy again asap to keep improving”.



Yours Sincerely

Paul Martin

Getting Closer

xmas fishing-001

Merry Christmas


Not Far Away now

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Sliding Dry For The Duo/Trio

Quite a few people have been asking about the Duo/Trio with the sliding dry, so here is the article I had published many years a go.

Either click on the Page or the link to bring it up large enough to read.

Merry Christmas


Just to wish all my friends, clients, fellow fishermen/ladies and bloggers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best to you all for 2015 season.

Thinking Of Christmas

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Upper Severn Bylaw 11

Hi All.

Had this message of Natural Resources Wales about bylaw 11 on the upper Severn.

Byelaw 11 of the Severn & Trent Rod & Line Byelaws. The period in question is the close season for Salmon and the byelaw is with regard to Lures and Baits for Freshwater Fish and Eels. Byelaw 11. States that no person shall: iii) in fishing with rod and line for freshwater fish and eels between 8th October and 31st December (both dates inclusive) use live or dead fish baits, worms, prawns, spinners or other artificial lures (except artificial flies) in the following rivers: – the River Vyrnwy, upstream of Meifod Bridge (SJ156128) – all tributaries of the River Vyrnwy upstream of Llanymynech (SJ268205) – the River Severn, upstream of Penstrowed railway bridge (SO074911) – all tributaries of the River Severn upstream of Cilcewydd bridge (SJ228041) This byelaw aims to minimise the accidental or deliberate catching of salmon by rod and line in the main salmon spawning areas during the spawning period. Other baits and methods, such as float and maggot for coarse fish and artificial flies for grayling, can still be used at this time. In addition: Any person who in fishing for salmon, trout, fresh water fish or eels, uses as bait crayfish of any species whether alive or dead, or parts thereof, shall be guilty of an offence. NB. This is a national byelaw banning crayfish as bait Hope this is helpful. Thanks NRW

So be aware as it carries a max fine of £2500.

Time To Start Looking For The ladies


Well the trout season is over for another year and now time to look forward to the grayling season ( providing the weather plays the game )

So if your looking for something as simple as a few flies to a half or full days grayling guiding on the rivers of Wales please feel free to get in touch.

Another One Over & Done With




Well the 2014 trout season is over on the upper Severn for another year, It’s been a very busy season with lots of people out fishing even though the river levels have been quite challenging and stealth and presentation were the main key things to get right.

Hopefully the winter will be kind to us and the rivers will stay fishable un like last year, I hope to find some of the big grayling that have seemed to be hiding all summer long.

So I hope everyone had a fantastic summers fishing and I will see you one the river bank through the winter months.