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Getting Closer

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Not Far Away now

xmas fishing-001

Sliding Dry For The Duo/Trio

Quite a few people have been asking about the Duo/Trio with the sliding dry, so here is the article I had published many years a go.

Either click on the Page or the link to bring it up large enough to read.

Merry Christmas


Just to wish all my friends, clients, fellow fishermen/ladies and bloggers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best to you all for 2015 season.

Thinking Of Christmas

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Thinking Of Christmas


If you’re struggling to find a Christmas gift for the fisherman or lady in your life, I can supply a range of different ideas that might make a memorable present for that special person in your life, from a selection of flies, casting lessons, half or full days guided fly fishing what ever you want for a wide and varied budget.

Please fell free to get in touch for advise and any queries you might have.

Hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Andrew Cartwright Game Angling

Some Grayling Flies That Worked Well For Me

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Fulling Mill Jig Force Black Nickle Hooks


I’ve been trying some Fulling Mill jig force black nickle hooks, I received them in sizes 12, 14 & 16’s I’m no hook expert but I know what I like and don’t like when tying flies and fishing with them, taking them out of the packet their super sharp and with a nice gape the  bead doesn’t mask the hook point like some that I have had in the past, the one real thing that stood out is the size of the bend to the hook eye and the length of it, you can put quite large beads on small hooks, so you can fish with a nice small fly that still has some weight to it.

I have fished with them several times now and the hook ups while fishing seem to be good, mind you do get good and bad days with hook ups so only time will tell, also when they do get snagged on the bottom in rocks etc the point of the hook copes well and stays sharp, un like some that I have had that after getting stuck had totally burred  the point and you had to get the hook sharpener out, a real pain on a hard day when the fish are hard to catch and you haven’t realised the point is blunt and then you lose the fish of the day, I haven’t had any problems with the strength of the hooks, no straightening or snapping of the hooks, a friend of mine while we fished to gether on Monday had a few of his jig hooks  break off at the bend.

When I have a little more time I will post up some pics of the flies I have tied on the hooks.

Thinkfish I Might Have To Make Some Flies !!


Just received this fly box system off Thinkfish Spain called the Fly pad, quite a nice system and idea, I remember C&F Design using a similar idea only the box that you put the inserts that you’re not using is flat so took up quite a lot of room, with the Thinkfish its a nice compact box that holds eight inserts and with the two fly boxes gives you a good selection of inserts for all your dries, nymphs, bugs czech nymphs etc (when you’re not using the fly boxes they strap to the side of the storage box so keeping everything nice and tidy ) I haven’t had chance to try the system yet as it only arrived ten minutes a go, but I do like the idea, I have for many years wanted to stop carrying loads of fly boxes about with me, with the Fly Pad I can have a look at the water choose what style of fishing I want to do or species I’m targeting and then pop one of the inserts in the fly box and just take what I need instead of the kitchen sink.

The only real trouble is when you have a new fly box you just have to fill it, mind with ten inserts and 123 slots that’s a lot of tying.


Once I have had some time trying it out I will let you know the pro’s and con’s of the system, more info at Thinkfish


Black Hot Spot PTN


Another couple of step by steps from Kieron, great flies from an excellent fly tier.

Pink Tail Caddis

Hot Spot PTN Jig

Pink Tail Caddis


Scruffy Hares Ear

Pink Glitter Bug

Pink Tag

KJ Red Spinner

Red Tag Jig