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Not Long Now


It’s been a very busy 2016 so not too much time for posting on my blog but things should start to get a little quieter as the weather alters, mind I really do hope we have a good winter this year not all the rain making the rivers un fishable ( fingers crossed for good river levels )

Lots of very nice people learning how to cast, river fishing techniques and generally learning how to enjoy the outdoors, loads of trout and grayling were caught and carefully released to fight another day, also amazing on many of the days the amount of wild life we saw, otters, kingfishers, buzzards, red kites and the amazing swimming squirrel that swam from one side of the river straight at us on the other bank, even making us move out of his way before he climbed up the bank and was on his way.

When I hve a spare few minutes I will put on my blog a few flies that have worked really well over the past few seasons.



Mixed Weather But Great Results.


Well today was another mixed weather day sunshine wind, rain a good Welsh mix, today I had Chris with me a coarse angler wanting to learn the gentle art of fly fishing, to be fair Chris was a joy to teach picking everything up really quickly, roll cast, off both shoulders, overhead cast, shooting line and false casting it all came very easily to him, we spent a couple of hours at the casting, then a spot of lunch and onto the fishing I showed Chris a basic nymphing tactic and away we went a little bit of practise in a shallow run to get used to what he had to do the Chris moved down into slightly deeper water and the fish started to come first a couple of grayling, then a nice trout around three quarters of a pound, on the next cast a lovely grayling but it came off but luckily Chris got a good look at it, as we slowly moved down  the run it seemed fish after fish several trout around the pound mark so well worth putting up with the odd rain shower.

CA Trout

Hard Day At The Office !!


Yet again the rain comes down to make my life harder and for the clients not such a nice time, Michael turned up and it was pouring down and by the look of the river gauge it had been raining most of the night, the river was dropping but the way the rain was coming down I didn’t think it was going to be dropping for very long, so we had a chat about what we were going to do and Michael said let’s go for it.

So I took him way up stream looking for clear water but we didn’t find any so deep and heavy sort of day it was going to be, it was very slow fishing to say the least but perseverance was the key and we kept plugging away and finally all the effort payed with a nice brown thrashing away in a fast flowing river, sadly all my fears were confirmed the river was on its way back up, we had a some lunch and moved on down stream to what usually is a slow moving run, but today it certainly wasn’t Michael fished the edge of the fast water and another three browns were hooked two small ones and another half decent one.

The fly of the day was something that I thought I would never use, it was given to me last year or even the year before and been sat in my box, so thank you KJ for the squirmy worm, I think in conditions like this it might be close to matching the hatch in a fast flowing very coloured river.


One Of The Best Days In A Long Time


As the title says today was one of the best days on the river I have had in a very long time, it’s been blisteringly hot weather so I asked Ben if would like to meet up a little earlier than we said, he was up for it so we meet on the river at 6am and it was a lovely morning,  in around 15 minutes it was getting even better as fish were being caught and after the first run an amazing amount of fish were hooked I would guess around 30+, it’s not often I’m amazed when it comes to fishing but this little short shallow run was amazing they must have been sitting on each others shoulders, trout and grayling of all sizes.

The sun was now starting to burn through and I thought I would get Ben on dries as the odd fish was moving on the top, Ben was catching and missing quite a few fish but as the warmth started to build the fishing seemed to slow up, we tried a few deep pools with a couple of bigger trout, but by mid day it was starting to get un comfortable in waders so it was time to make a retreat for home, but an amazing morning was had and the time flew by.

The Sun’s Out


I had the Hassel family come for a fish on the river with me, father and his two sons days like this are always special to me as I used to love the days I spent fishing with my farther and brothers, for a change it was quite a nice day a little breezy but warm sunshine and blue skies, one fly in the ointment is the river is supper low and clear but a lot nicer than the gales and freezing cold weather of late, so presentation would be key for success.

The day started of with a little casting practise so they could get back in the swing of things as they hadn’t fished in a while and then onto some fishing, I set them all up in a similar way but all slightly different, all on nymphs one on duo, one on just two nymphs and the last one on a French style of nymphing, to be fair everyone caught fish if some of them were a little small side, the best fish caught was a grayling in some really fast water which weighed around a pound.

Some clients who come and spend a day with me have some really nice toys, I think this was no exception.


Making The Most Of It !!


Another interesting day on the river no sunshine today just dull and cold, also the fishing seemed a little harder, mind it wasn’t made very easy by the amount of goosanders and cormorants that I saw. not a good sign at all, I really don’t know how our rivers can cope with all the predation pressure, the one good thing is that the fish I caught all seemed in good condition.


Slight predation mark on the back of this fish, lucky escape for this lady of the stream.

Just What The Doctor Oredered


The weather has been awful this winter you could count on one hand the days the rivers  have been fishable, but at long last they have dropped back to a fishable height, so time to get the cobwebs off my gear and see if I could remember what to do with it, as I walked along the river bank the river looked lovely still a slight tinge of colour but better than anything I’ve seen in a long while so on with three nymphs and see if I could find a fish or three, to start with I wondered if I had forgot what to do not a touch, onto the next run and still nothing this really didn’t seem very good at all, as I finished the second run I thought to myself well I scarred a goosander off the water on the next run so if he was there, there has to be fish in that run as I worked my way down it I thought has he eaten them all but no a small and very welcome grayling took the middle dropper, I wouldn’t usually get very excited about a fish this small but after four months and a lean start to the day it was very welcome, but it was the only fish I could find in this run.

My feet and hands had started to get a little cold and it crossed my mind as it was such a quiet day it give up and go home, but the run below me looked lovely so I thought last chance I will give this one a go and if I don’t catch anything I’m off home, after a few casts the line stuttered as I lifted I saw a fish turn and it was on and off in a blink of an eye, well this looked more promising.


Two more casts and YES I was into a nice fish and after so long it felt amazing all I had to do now was try and make sure it doesn’t come off ( please don’t come off) on it stayed and I was over the moon a lovely condition grayling on the middle dropper again, a couple more cast and another fish almost the very same size as the last fish, now things are starting to look a little more like it.


Strangely enough by now my hands and feet didn’t seem so cold, another fish on but this time I lost it, never mind a few more cast another grayling I had found myself a little hot spot they were coming thick and fast in the end I landed ten and lost two all in around an hour then it all went quiet and with the lack of action the cold feet and hands came back with vengeance so it was time to head for home, but going home feeling well pleased with myself and a lovely few hours fishing.