Guided Fly Fishing

I can offer a guiding service on the River Severn, Wye, Dee, Elan, Irfon, Ithon, Carno Trannon, Edw, to name a few and stillwaters of Wales and the Borders, for trout and grayling and also give advice on where and how to fish, whatever location you may choose.

Guiding can be offered on a one to one basis or in groups. In the winter months I can run guiding trips for grayling fishing, showing where and how to fish for them. You can enjoy fishing in some of the most picturesque parts of the country and catch some lovely fish.

A guided day out will not only show you where to fish and how to fish on that given day, but will also show you many things to improve your fishing in the future. This can be anything, from setting your equipment up correctly, making leaders, reading the water, what aquatic life lives in the water you are going to fish etc….

You can learn a variety of fly fishing techniques, from dry fly fishing in its various forms, to duo/trio (New Zealand style) method, a fantastic technique of searching the water, fishing both dry and wet at the same time. Then you could move onto the classic spider fishing, one of my personal favourite ways to fish. You can also try nymph fishing with various forms of sight indication, short line nymph fishing, or move on to one of the most devastating methods, Czech & French Nymphing. There are many different styles of Czech Nymphing, but you can master them all.

So, a guided days fishing isn’t just about showing you a given water, it is a complete experience, which will help you on your way to becoming a more successful flyfisher.

You can choose from the Dee, Severn and Wye plus all their tributaries, various still waters, from large to small still waters for rainbows and browns, or more remote and picturesque mountain lakes for really wild mountain brown trout.

Please call or email for prices and further information on full or half days guided fly fishing.

Wherever you wish to fish, I’m sure I can make your day both enjoyable and educational.

On a guided day, you will be supplied with a selection of flies to suit the water you wish to fish, also all fishing equipment can be supplied.
Please remember you will need an EA fishing licence, for fishing in England and Wales.

  • Fishing Licences and day permits*

* These Items will be supplied at cost.

All guided days booked/vouchers are valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase, if not taken with in two years the day will be void and all money forfeit.

Cancelling of a guided day, sometimes weather conditions are extreme so a day may need to be cancelled as nothing can be done about this, if you wish to cancel a day you need too give at least two weeks notice, if a shorter period deposits/monies may be lost in part or full if I can’t get another client for your chosen day.


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