These lines are hand-made from the finest Japanese Silk, and then traditionally oil impregnated under vacuum and dressed by hand to ensure a long life and wonderful casting characteristics.

The tapers have been evolved with the help and expertise of a range of friends across the world, who have all contributed to producing some of the nicest casting lines you will ever lay your hands on!

The lines are available in Double Taper (DT) and Weight Forward (WF), and are made according to the old NAACC designations, and listed here with the approximate ‘modern’ AFTMA numbers.

The lighter DT lines (3 & 4 wts) are 25 yards in length, to help fit onto smaller reels to balance lighter rods, the heavier lines (5, 6 & 7 wts) are 30 yards long.

The Weight Forward lines are all 30 yards long.

Lines are available in Natural Straw colour, Emerald Green or Coffee Brown….all the lines are dyed by hand so some colour variation may occur!

The lines are supplied coiled in a very nice box with a tub of Red Tin Mucilin, the recommended floatant…and all lines have a small loop braided or whipped into each end, to attach the leader or backing…if you prefer another way of attachment, cut the loops off with a sharp pair of scissors!

It’s not very often you see made in the UK these days let alone Made In Wales, line are £123.50 inc delivery.

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