Upper Severn Bylaw 11

Hi All.

Had this message of Natural Resources Wales about bylaw 11 on the upper Severn.

Byelaw 11 of the Severn & Trent Rod & Line Byelaws. The period in question is the close season for Salmon and the byelaw is with regard to Lures and Baits for Freshwater Fish and Eels. Byelaw 11. States that no person shall: iii) in fishing with rod and line for freshwater fish and eels between 8th October and 31st December (both dates inclusive) use live or dead fish baits, worms, prawns, spinners or other artificial lures (except artificial flies) in the following rivers: – the River Vyrnwy, upstream of Meifod Bridge (SJ156128) – all tributaries of the River Vyrnwy upstream of Llanymynech (SJ268205) – the River Severn, upstream of Penstrowed railway bridge (SO074911) – all tributaries of the River Severn upstream of Cilcewydd bridge (SJ228041) This byelaw aims to minimise the accidental or deliberate catching of salmon by rod and line in the main salmon spawning areas during the spawning period. Other baits and methods, such as float and maggot for coarse fish and artificial flies for grayling, can still be used at this time. In addition: Any person who in fishing for salmon, trout, fresh water fish or eels, uses as bait crayfish of any species whether alive or dead, or parts thereof, shall be guilty of an offence. NB. This is a national byelaw banning crayfish as bait Hope this is helpful. Thanks NRW

So be aware as it carries a max fine of £2500.


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