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Bloody Technology !!


Well out for a play and about time really ( seem to be a full time downhill mountain mechanic rather than fishing guide the joys of being a parent) I had knocked up a couple of new patterns last night so I thought I would give them a swim and boy did they work well, better than my crazy mobile phone especially when I wonted to take a pic of the better fish it went all to cock and wouldn’t do a thing.

Mind had a good morning catching around 20+ grayling a single fantastically marked brown trout all in around three hours, but the best bit was being out in the fresh air enjoying a spot of fishing.

What A Morning


Went out for a play this morning when I got to the river the frost is burning the top of my ears I thought I had made the wrong decision and I should have stayed in the warm, but after around 3 hours I had lost count of the grayling and surpassingly the amount of trout I had caught, the one thing I was really pleased about is all the water I fished had already been fished by other anglers making life a little harder, as I worked my way down the one run the line stopped and as I lifted I could really feel something heavy, a lovely big lump of a grayling which really made my morning.