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The Future

Well it was a pleasure to teach a young man at the ripe old age of 10 the basics of fly fishing, it’s a real shame that there doesn’t seem to be that many youngsters who want to learn, most of our fishing clubs have member 40+ theses days.

Sorry to anyone who looks at my blog regularly as I’ve so busy I haven’t had time for up dates.

Out Of Africa

A fantastic 3 days with Ben, Isaac and Alan, very relaxed fishing with some not so relaxed weather, as Ben and Alan work in Africa our lovely summer weather seemed a little cool for them, but every day fish were caught and it seemed that every day Isaac was top rod and caught more fish as every day past catching on dries and nymphs.

Isaac was the best at posing with his fish !

Ben coming into his own in the last few hours of the last day.

Bens thought of his 3 days.

Andrew, – Thank You.
We enjoyed the company, locations and opportunity to catch/miss some sporting fish. Educational and i am sure we will see you again before the year is out.
Very much appreciated by us all. I think Isaac is developing an understanding of what it’s all about, and as you know, a tight line for us is a bonus on the day.
The very best

Never To Old To Learn.

Took Mike out today the day started of calm but raining quite hard and yet again rather cold, Mike hadn’t fly fished before so I went over the usual safety, the rod reel and line and then the casts, we started off with the roll cast off both shoulders and to be fair Mike picked it up very quickly, then to the over head cast, we started with basic pic up and put down, just as Mike was going to have a go we had a little surprise visitor, Mr otter fishing for his breakfast, nice to see but I really hoped he would leave us a few, any how back to the casting yet again Mike picked it all up very quickly, then shooting line, false casting Mike could do it all, so after a break for lunch it was time for some fishing and even the sun made an appearance, the only problem then was as soon as the sun came out the wind got up and got stronger and stronger, there wasn’t anything rising so on with a couple of nymphs, quick demo to show Mike what to do and he was away after around 10 minutes Mike was into a small grayling, then another 10 casts later a little brown trout things were going well in the near gale force winds, then another grayling with a rather ugly stab wound in the back of it’s head, by now Mike was feeling cold and fancied a cuppa so we stopped for around 20 minutes as we walked back to the water we were rather surprised the river was coming up/ colouring very quickly, Mike didn’t fancy going much over his knees in the river so he fished along the margins to be honest I thought the fishing was totally ruined but perseverance prevailed and Mike caught another small trout but the river was getting higher and higher so the weather and river stopped play.

They Say Hard Work Pays Off !!

Andrew Builth Wells Marathon

Something rather different to fishing, but the way the last 2 winters have been I needed something to keep me occupied so I thought I would try mountain biking, my son also wanted to have a go so we went out for some nice gentle rides, but to be honest to start with I didn’t find that easy, but each time we went out it got a little easier until it became very enjoyable, so as time went on and I do like setting my self little challenges, so I thought I would give a mtb race a go, first one was up at Coed Y Brenin the Antifreeze enduro quite a hard rough course very stone/rocky I got round but was to rough for my old bones, so around 3 days later the results came through and for my distance, surprised wasn’t the word I had to read them 4 times but I was 1st Grand vet home and 10th out of 76 other people, so this spurred me on to have another go, this time it was the Scott Builth Wells XC Marathon, mainly moorland going so it should be a bit easier going than the Antifreeze, the big surprise to me was the mass start, 6-700 people mass start, any how away we went and to start off with we had a  15-17 Km climb into a raging head wind/gale when the going finally levelled out on the top of the moors I couldn’t believe it the wind was blowing everyone all over the place, even where it was flat if you stopped pedalling you stopped dead, finally just after the half way point there was a lovely steep down hill time for some fun, then back onto a road to head back to the start, it was totally the opposite way to the way we had started off but yet again a head wind, when I finally crossed the finish line I was completely spent, not a once of energy left, it was lovely to see my wife and son at the finish line, even better when she said I don’t think many people have come in before me, but not 100% sure, so when the results came through that evening I was delighted 1st Grand Vet and 9th overall out of 192 people in my class, I’m really enjoying this mountain biking !




Chattanooga Choo Choo


I have to be honest I never knew that Chattanooga was a place until today, well that’s until I meet Valerie and Michael from Chattanooga Tennessee in the USA, a lovely couple who only get out fishing a handful of times a year, it was a slight shame that there one day here in Wales wasn’t the best weather we have ever had, rain showers, blowing quite hard making casting a little hard at times and a lot chillier than they are used to back home.

We started off nymphing with Valerie having the first fish of the day with in a few minutes and another with in 5 minutes of that, which was good news to me as the weather over night had completely changed, which did make me think it could spoil the fun today, as I walked to see how Michael was getting on I could hear someone whistling, I thought it was someone who knew me, but it was Valerie with another much bigger fish, well done Valerie, when I got to Michael he hadn’t caught anything as yet, but as he got into some deeper water the fish started to come both trout and grayling, we had a spot of lunch and a warm up for the people from warmer climes.

After lunch there was a very brief sunny warmer spell where a few flies started to hatch and Valerie and Michael had a spell on the dries, not sure how many fish were caught somewhere between 8-10 between them and Michael had 2 fish break him, but a fantastic short spell of action, with in the next hour the wind turned towards the north and increased in force making the rises dry up and also fish taking anything sub surface so we called it a day a had a steady stroll back down the river.

What Vallerie & Michael Thought Of There Day.

Mike and I enjoyed our day fishing with you on the Severn.  Even with the low water, you were able to put us on the fish to make for a fun day.  Your obvious knowledge of the Severn, along with your warm personality, made the day a real pleasure.  Thanks so much for helping to make our holiday memorable!
Best wishes,
Vallerie Greer

A Slow Start

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Been really busy with one thing and another, the weather has been really poor with the rivers up and down like a yoyo, so been fishing some upland mountain lakes for really wild brownies, on the odd occasion the river has been somewhere near, even if that was rather high with a bit of colour it was still nice to get out and have a fish the grayling even though they are out of season were taking dries very readily.

All I need know if for the weather to get better and settle down a bit.

When The Weather Is Cold

One thing that makes fly fishing enjoyable is being able to go out in the elements and withstand anything mother nature has to throw at you and still enjoy your days fishing.

The correct thermal layering is essential when deep water wading in winter!

A good set of waterproofs and a well layered construction underneath can keep you warm throughout the day, often leading to you being called everything under the sun as your the last one off the water!

By layering up I don’t mean throwing everything you own on and setting out fishing. Less layers with a good technical performance are more equipt at keeping you warm than 6 layers of t-shirts or 3 pairs of socks. A 3 layer system is the most effective. Base, Middle and Outer depending on the conditions your experiencing. Below is the perfect way to insulate your body to protect you against anything thrown at you.

Base Layer

Your base layer is the first layer of your winter protection and is the layer next to your skin. Getting your base layer correct is the key to retaining heat in any weather conditions. A quick moisture wicking material is ideal for keeping your garment from holding moisture such as sweat. This is vital for keeping you warm. It means if you sweat while fishing or walking your base layer will remain dry allowing you to stay warm.

The ideal base layer materials are merino wool, silk, polypropylene and other various synthetic fibres. If there is one rule to follow – never, ever use cotton as a base layer. It will not matter what you put over the top in an effort to keep warm, you will remain wet and cold.

You may wear light-weight, mid-weight, or heavy-weight base layers depending on the outside conditions. Use light-weight base layers for mild conditions and heavy-weight base layers for extremely cold weather conditions.

Mid Layer

The main purpose of the mid-layer is to provide your body with insulation. Its aim is to trap the warmth coming from your body, by trapping the warm air around your body. So make sure all your items fit correctly or your warm air will escape.

Tucking your layers in will help too! Your mid-layer goes over your moisture wicking base layer. You may need any number of mid-layers depending on the temperature you are experiencing.

A mid-layer should be thicker than a base layer. Again, do not use cotton it simply does not insulate as well as other fabrics. Some good examples of mid layers include a mid weight fleece or polyester.

You will find using several thinner mid-layer articles, like a vest, sweater or jacket, is better than one really thick and heavy garment. It will provide you with more flexibility if the weather change

Top Layer

This should be your thickest insulating layer and your warmest layer. There are many outer layers to choose from. When choosing an outer layer consider the following:

Temperature – Weight – Style – Purpose

An outer layer maybe a heavy fleece, a down jacket or soft shell. This is the layer that most people will see and will be in most of your photos when you get home.

A shell is your final layer. It is very important as it protects you from perspiration and wind. Essentially it is your water proof, wind proof layer which keeps all of your other layers warm and dry. Again there are many features of shells to be considered – weight, durability, length, warmth and waterproofing.

It can also be a good idea throughout the winter and the start of spring to use an additional ‘bib and Brace’ thermal underwear, which can be worn on top of your mid layers, putting the fleece and shell outside to retain the heat produced. These add much needed cold protection to your legs whilst wading in icy cold river, sitting still in a boat or on the bank of a still water.

Airflo Thermo Skin Bib and Brace has an effective wicking system which effectively transfers moisture away from the skin. The full body thermal suit retains heat from your ankles to your neck, paired with an effective fleece the cold will be sure to stay outside!

Guest Post Supplied by Kieron Jenkins of Fishtec, fishing tackle store.