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A Multi Cultural Week.


Well firstly it’s been a while but I have been very busy with one thing and another, but the guiding and casting instruction has been in full swing, the rivers of Wales are super low making the fishing a little harder than normal in May, it’s been quite interesting for me as no two days have been the same, one day good hatches and the next nothing.


But both the Wye and the Severn have fished well considering the low water conditions, the main tactics are long light leaders and being quite stealthy in our approach, nymphs worked well on the Wye and strangely considering there weren’t many rises for this time of year dries worked the best on the Severn.


Over the past week I have taken out gentlemen from America, Canada, Holland and Wales, very multi cultural and almost like the start of one of those old jokes,  a man from America, Canada, Holland and Wales walked into a pub !!

A Brillant Day


Sorry for the short post, things are a little mad at the moment, I had a day out with John today, what a fantastic day and a fantastic fella, John is from San Francisco in the US, John is an experienced fly fisherman and also has done some guiding in the US, in the morning the fish came thick and fast with a good mix of trout and grayling, we had a short break for lunch and it seemed like the fish were having a long lunch as they had all seemed to have gone to sleep, well not quite all, but it was a lot quieter than in the morning.

John also quite clever with his hands and makes some lovely jewellery, really like the silver trout belt buckle.