Non Stop


May and June have and are really busy, on the Severn yesterday and the Wye today, it wasn’t a very early start today so I thought I would travel over early and have a fish myself  before Tim turned up, when I got to the Wye it was grey cloudy and rather cold, I started off with trio and fished a long flat glide, hoping to possible see a rise and nothing showed itself at all, so the Trio seemed a good plan to search the water, after about half an hour I had caught a couple of grayling and one small trout, so time for a move and fish some lovely looking fast runs, I thought I would swap over to a French style of nymphing and 3 small nymphs,the  first run was a little slow with one tiny fingerling brown, the second was much better with 4 grayling and 3 trout, as I moved to the third run which was a little precarious with the slippery slad rock to get into position, first cast I was snagged on the bottom and lost all the flies, I thought was all the effort of getting here going to be worth it, so I re tackled up and hoped this run wouldn’t be full of snags, to my relief it wasn’t full of snags but full of fish, nothing very big around half to three quarters of a pound but I caught around 7 trout and grayling.


When I looked at the time Tim was going to arrive in around half an hour so I thought I would fish a deep swirling pool/run quickly and get back to the car park to meet Tim, this was the deepest water I had come across so far today, so I moved my braid indicator up my leader around 12″ – 18″ as I started through the run I kept getting little touches of small fish after three or four fingerling I hooked into a better grayling, around ten cast later I lifted the rod up and the tip shot over and the line hissed through the water, wow this was something on the large side, it went like the clappers I saw a flash of silver, I thought is it a salmon, then I realised what I had hooked into, it’s a shad, shad are a protected species these days and you’re not supposed to fish for them, but as it was accidental catch I thought get it in and back into the water asap, so I didn’t take a pic, a guesstimate I would have said it would be around three and half pounds, an amazing looking fish like a bar of chrome, after another couple of trout and grayling I hooked another shad, so again a quick release and time to get out of this run just in case I caught another shad, mind it was a good I left the water, as I walked into the car park Tim had just pulled up.

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