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Amazing !!


I had Charlie and his son George for their first days fly casting/fishing day and they absolutely amazed me how they both picked up the casting, usually if two people come on person will learn a little quicker than the other but both of them picked up basic roll and overhead casting straight away, which made my life nice and easy.


After a short break we thought we would have a bit of fun and do a spot of fishing, which looked a lot better prospect than the last few weeks, Llyn Clywedog had started releasing water and now the water height was spot on, I set George up with a dry with a nymph underneath it and Charlie with two nymphs, a quick demo and they were away George hooked into a nice grayling almost straight away but with the lack of experience it came off which was a real shame, then Charlie shouted he had a fish on a nice trout and his very first fish on the fly and no sooner I had un hooked it George had a small grayling, so things were looking up, after around an hour they landed a few more fish and several lost ones so we decided to have some lunch and a move to a new run.


When we walked to the new run it had a nice bit of pace to it with the extra dam water pushing the levels up, in this run Charlie was came into his own with catching several fish, I think George was feeling a little tired by know he hooked a couple of nice fish but lost them which he was a little disappointed with but it’s all a learning process and as he was tired we called it a day, which wasn’t a bad decision as it started to rain quite hard jut after they left.


Quick Learner


A day of casting with Tim today, Tim not only had never had a go at fly fishing, but never fished at all, so for me it was quite nice, a fresh canvas with not bad habits to work through, I ran through the legal side of fishing, then the safety side and then moved onto the two basic casts, the roll and over head and to fair to Tim after a few practise casts it all fell into place, the roll cast came very easily and off both shoulders, the over head was slightly more complicated but a few pointers here and there and Tim was putting out a nice straight line with some half decent loops.

Getting Ready For The Coming Year

Call from Mr Brian Jones to see if I could help him out to learn spey casting, the one problem Brian had worries about his shoulder being able to cope with the casting, as I told him its the rod that does the work and not you, so I ran him through the basics os safety, set up, grip, stance and the three main principles of the cast, D loop/ D loop size, line stick or line anchor point and the 180 degree principle, couple of demo casts of a basic roll cast and away went Brian, a bit too much effort to start with, then calmed down and thought of minimum power and being smooth, it soon started to come together, after he was happy with the way that was going we moved on to a jump roll, slightly harder for Brian as you can’t stop mid cast like on a basic roll cast and look if you’re doing it right, but in a very short period of time it was starting to come together and a nice rhythm was falling in to place, but Brian shoulder was starting to play up so we thought we would call it a day, get some practise in and come back and take it a step further.