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Never To Old To Learn.

Took Mike out today the day started of calm but raining quite hard and yet again rather cold, Mike hadn’t fly fished before so I went over the usual safety, the rod reel and line and then the casts, we started off with the roll cast off both shoulders and to be fair Mike picked it up very quickly, then to the over head cast, we started with basic pic up and put down, just as Mike was going to have a go we had a little surprise visitor, Mr otter fishing for his breakfast, nice to see but I really hoped he would leave us a few, any how back to the casting yet again Mike picked it all up very quickly, then shooting line, false casting Mike could do it all, so after a break for lunch it was time for some fishing and even the sun made an appearance, the only problem then was as soon as the sun came out the wind got up and got stronger and stronger, there wasn’t anything rising so on with a couple of nymphs, quick demo to show Mike what to do and he was away after around 10 minutes Mike was into a small grayling, then another 10 casts later a little brown trout things were going well in the near gale force winds, then another grayling with a rather ugly stab wound in the back of it’s head, by now Mike was feeling cold and fancied a cuppa so we stopped for around 20 minutes as we walked back to the water we were rather surprised the river was coming up/ colouring very quickly, Mike didn’t fancy going much over his knees in the river so he fished along the margins to be honest I thought the fishing was totally ruined but perseverance prevailed and Mike caught another small trout but the river was getting higher and higher so the weather and river stopped play.

A Traditional Day

Well the weather forecast was terrible for today, but when I meet Charles at the river it was rather cold but dry, Charles was happy to have a go and see what the fishing was going to be like and also for a very pleasant change we would be fishing with split cane, a Sharpes Scottie it would have been even better if we were on dries. but the sudden drop in temp meant nothing could be seen rising so nymphs it is.

I set Charles with a couple of small nymphs and we started working up a lovely looking run and within a handful of cast and lovely grayling had taken a little black caddis pattern, then a nice trout around 3/4 of a pound, the way the forecast was I thought the day wasn’t going to be as bad as I first thought, a short while later Charles missed a couple of fish and then lost what looked like a very nice fish, so now it was time for a move, we walked along the river and decided to fish a nice looking pool as Charles fished his way up the pool and hooked into the best fish of the day a trout around 1 3/4 Lbs + and certainly did make the old cane bend, by now I could see the odd fish moving on the surface but nothing in the air and nothing on the water surface, so we tried emergers, nothing looked at them but the odd fish would still rise, I looked and looked and still couldn’t see any insects, so as a last-ditch effort to get a fish on the dry I thought I would put a very small black gnat type fly on and bingo a grayling came up from the depths and the cane was bent over again, the only problem we had now was the wind and rain poor old Charles was freezing and had enough for one day.