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A Big Thank You To Big Scrim

A very big thank you to Tony for a very special day on the Dee, the forecast was very poor after the last week of lovely sunshine, but to be fair it wasn’t as bad as they said a little rain and strong winds, the first run looked amazing for nymphs but to both our surprises next to nothing, I had two touches and one fish on and almost straight back off, the run was quite fast and the odd fish rising here and there, so  as they say “I went back to the beginning” the odd blue winged olive fluttered in the air but as the water was so fast and broken I thought a small bwo pattern would keep sinking to quickly, so I tried a size 16 sedge pattern and bingo straight away a nice grayling, couple of cast and another and another if you spotted a rise in the fast water and placed the sedge three or four foot above it you were into a fish, quite amazing how you could run three nymphs through the run and next to nothing the fish only had eyes for the surface.

Things seemed a little quieter so time for a move, this time a long quite shallow glide with the odd fish moving, I still had the sedge on so why not try it again and the same result but still all grayling and no trout, it still kept going through my head that there should be some big fish sitting deeper in  the pools, so back to nymphs and see what I could do and to be honest not a lot three trout and nothing of size, try as I might the only way today was on the top, not a bad way to spend a day mainly fishing dries in October.

More Firsts

Another day of first, I took Andrew out for his first ever days fly fishing, yet again the weather was a little mixed wind, rain, and rather cool as it was a southerly, I went through the usual the law in fishing, safety, rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, knots, then on to the basic casts, roll and over head, Andrew picked up the roll cast instantly and off both shoulders which was brilliant and making my day very simple, so on to the overhead  this took a little longer to get going but every thing fell into place.

After a break for lunch it was time for the fishing, the river had dropped dramatically from Sundays torrential rains it still had a slight tinge of colour but looking good, nothing was rising so on with a couple of nymphs quick demo and Andrew was off and running, within a handful of casts Andrew was into a fantastic grayling, unfortunately as he had never fly fished before he lowered the rod and pointed it straight at the fish and it was gone, never mind it was a good start to the day, Andrew missed a few more fish and then he had another good fish on, trying to explain how and what to do as calmly as I could ( when rather excited ) all went to plan and Andrew landed his first ever fly caught fish, a fantastic brown trout ( as you can tell from Andrew’s picture he was rather pleased ) As we carried on Andrew landed another two grayling and missed and lost several more fish but a great start to his fly fishing future.

Three Generations

Today was one of those days I really enjoy, when you have three generations of a family out together on the river, it must be fantastic over time for them to look back at the day they had together, dad, son and grandson all out enjoying them selves and all having firsts Dad caught his first ever grayling and a nice fish of around a pound and half, son and grandson both catching there first ever fly caught fish.

One down side from me was I forgot to take any pictures !

What the Howe’s thought of there day out.

It was great, they both enjoyed it and so did I, but it came as a shock to find how unfit I am! Fishermen can lie with the best but I was knackered.
Beautiful countryside, superb river and an excellent teacher.
Many thanks
Keith Howe

End Of Another Busy Week.

What a busy week guiding and doing casting instruction every day, it’s lovely to meet people from all walks of life, the weather has been a little mixed strong winds, cool days, warm days cloudy days and sunny days you name it we have had it.

Today I took out husband and Wife Dave and Susan, fair play to them both they picked basic casting  very quickly, Susan getting to grips with roll casting the quickest and Dave sorting the overhead very quickly, so we moved onto some fishing, it was a little bit of a shame as the weather looked perfect, very little wind and overcast but the fishing seemed a little slow, I demonstrated what Dave had to do with his nymphs and I caught a trout 3rd cast which I really wished Dave had caught, but he worked his way through a couple of runs and after several bites was rewarded with a brown trout, well he did have two on at the same time but one came off, Susan wasn’t as lucky and had several fish come to her fly but nothing stayed on, in the last 10 minutes Susan had her best chance she hooked a nice grayling on but it came off yet again.

Mind I thought the last week was busy I haven’t got a single day free in August and September is looking rather busy as well.

The Future

Well it was a pleasure to teach a young man at the ripe old age of 10 the basics of fly fishing, it’s a real shame that there doesn’t seem to be that many youngsters who want to learn, most of our fishing clubs have member 40+ theses days.

Sorry to anyone who looks at my blog regularly as I’ve so busy I haven’t had time for up dates.

Out Of Africa

A fantastic 3 days with Ben, Isaac and Alan, very relaxed fishing with some not so relaxed weather, as Ben and Alan work in Africa our lovely summer weather seemed a little cool for them, but every day fish were caught and it seemed that every day Isaac was top rod and caught more fish as every day past catching on dries and nymphs.

Isaac was the best at posing with his fish !

Ben coming into his own in the last few hours of the last day.

Bens thought of his 3 days.

Andrew, – Thank You.
We enjoyed the company, locations and opportunity to catch/miss some sporting fish. Educational and i am sure we will see you again before the year is out.
Very much appreciated by us all. I think Isaac is developing an understanding of what it’s all about, and as you know, a tight line for us is a bonus on the day.
The very best

A Very Multi Cultural Week

Well it’s quite a week this week Carol and John from Phoenix Arizona today and a couple of gentleman from Kenya Africa for the rest of the week, I bet there all finding it a little cooler than where they live !

More to follow but have to make more flies for tomorrow 🙂