Smooth As Silk


I received my Terenzio silk fly lines a weight forward ( WF ) and arrow taper fly line early Saturday morning but as I had been busy all weekend I hadn’t had a chance to try them, there is something very special about hand made silk line, the first thing you notice when you open it up is the smell and then the feel of the line, Terenzio has made the front part of the taper a zebra orange/tan and cream which will be good for bite detection, then the belly of the line is a solid orange/tan colour and then the running line is grey.

So today it was quite a nice day and I thought I would give the WF line a go on a modern carbon rod rather than one of my splitcane rods, the first thing you notice is a slightly rougher sound, but the more you use them the smoother the line becomes, it loaded my Orvis Access 10′ 4# perfectly, a joy to cast, the presentation on the water is amazing, the tapered leader made more disturbance than the fly line, one of the advantages of a silk line is it thinner than a normal plastic line, so lands lighter on the water and cuts through the air better.

After a short fish with the new line I’m really impressed and it floated really high and for the 3 hours I fished no sign of sinking, that’s the one thing people worry about with a silk line is the work/care of them, I have never really had a problem, I think this will be a very good line in my arsenal.



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