A Little Bit Chilly Today


Well to day started off a little on the chilly side, minus one with a bit of breeze blowing so what the actual temp was I have no idea, but it was safe to say it was cold.

Today I was showing Tony winter nymphing techniques, Tony told me how he was struggling with longer rods and when fishing weighted nymphs how they keep snaging the bottom all the time, as the river had now dropped to a summer level I thought we would use a French setup with a sliding braid indicator and three nymphs, showing Tony how to fish this technique by tossing the nymphs approx. forty five degrees up stream and keeping the nymphs moving at the pace of the water to give them good presentation and if the nymphs snagged the bottom how to help them through there drift by slightly leading them, which helps to stop the snagging every cast, so after a quick demo it was over to Tony ( I have taken Tony out fishing many times and he is a good fisherman and quick learner )his casting was spot on and the drift through was working well and with the slight leading of the flies Tony notices straight away the lack of snags/false bites from the bottom but after around ten minutes he did have a bite and not of a snag a lovely looking grayling which stayed on for around ten seconds and then it came off, but shortly afterward Tony was into another fish this time it stayed on and a nice fish around 2 lbs, then another this time a out of season brown trout and with in ten casts another trout, for a rather cold windy day Tony was having quite a good day I think six fish landed and two fish lost.

What Tony Thought Of His Lesson.

Had a great coaching session today on nymphing with a long French leader. Whilst I’ve fly fished for many years, Andrew has always been able to help me to both brush up my fishing techniques and learn new ones with his patience and good humour. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew’s services to a newcomer to fly fishing or the more experienced angler who would like to improve their skills. Tony



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