Just What The Doctor Oredered


The weather has been awful this winter you could count on one hand the days the rivers  have been fishable, but at long last they have dropped back to a fishable height, so time to get the cobwebs off my gear and see if I could remember what to do with it, as I walked along the river bank the river looked lovely still a slight tinge of colour but better than anything I’ve seen in a long while so on with three nymphs and see if I could find a fish or three, to start with I wondered if I had forgot what to do not a touch, onto the next run and still nothing this really didn’t seem very good at all, as I finished the second run I thought to myself well I scarred a goosander off the water on the next run so if he was there, there has to be fish in that run as I worked my way down it I thought has he eaten them all but no a small and very welcome grayling took the middle dropper, I wouldn’t usually get very excited about a fish this small but after four months and a lean start to the day it was very welcome, but it was the only fish I could find in this run.

My feet and hands had started to get a little cold and it crossed my mind as it was such a quiet day it give up and go home, but the run below me looked lovely so I thought last chance I will give this one a go and if I don’t catch anything I’m off home, after a few casts the line stuttered as I lifted I saw a fish turn and it was on and off in a blink of an eye, well this looked more promising.


Two more casts and YES I was into a nice fish and after so long it felt amazing all I had to do now was try and make sure it doesn’t come off ( please don’t come off) on it stayed and I was over the moon a lovely condition grayling on the middle dropper again, a couple more cast and another fish almost the very same size as the last fish, now things are starting to look a little more like it.


Strangely enough by now my hands and feet didn’t seem so cold, another fish on but this time I lost it, never mind a few more cast another grayling I had found myself a little hot spot they were coming thick and fast in the end I landed ten and lost two all in around an hour then it all went quiet and with the lack of action the cold feet and hands came back with vengeance so it was time to head for home, but going home feeling well pleased with myself and a lovely few hours fishing.




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