They Say Hard Work Pays Off !!

Andrew Builth Wells Marathon

Something rather different to fishing, but the way the last 2 winters have been I needed something to keep me occupied so I thought I would try mountain biking, my son also wanted to have a go so we went out for some nice gentle rides, but to be honest to start with I didn’t find that easy, but each time we went out it got a little easier until it became very enjoyable, so as time went on and I do like setting my self little challenges, so I thought I would give a mtb race a go, first one was up at Coed Y Brenin the Antifreeze enduro quite a hard rough course very stone/rocky I got round but was to rough for my old bones, so around 3 days later the results came through and for my distance, surprised wasn’t the word I had to read them 4 times but I was 1st Grand vet home and 10th out of 76 other people, so this spurred me on to have another go, this time it was the Scott Builth Wells XC Marathon, mainly moorland going so it should be a bit easier going than the Antifreeze, the big surprise to me was the mass start, 6-700 people mass start, any how away we went and to start off with we had a  15-17 Km climb into a raging head wind/gale when the going finally levelled out on the top of the moors I couldn’t believe it the wind was blowing everyone all over the place, even where it was flat if you stopped pedalling you stopped dead, finally just after the half way point there was a lovely steep down hill time for some fun, then back onto a road to head back to the start, it was totally the opposite way to the way we had started off but yet again a head wind, when I finally crossed the finish line I was completely spent, not a once of energy left, it was lovely to see my wife and son at the finish line, even better when she said I don’t think many people have come in before me, but not 100% sure, so when the results came through that evening I was delighted 1st Grand Vet and 9th overall out of 192 people in my class, I’m really enjoying this mountain biking !





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