Sometimes The Wait Is Worth It


After all the rain I really haven’t been in too much of a rush to get out on high water rivers, but today the sun was out, the air had a warm feel to it so it had to be done, a quick spin up north Wales to the Dee to see what I could find.


The first thing that was really not that welcome was quite a strong wind that would ruin sensitive bite detection, so I thought I would start with trio and see how it went. To be honest it went really well, at the head of the first run you could see the bottom drop away into water around 3′ deep and as the nymphs went over the drop off the dry disappeared and what a fish, a real cracker ( fish pictured at the top of the page) hmm looks like the trip was going to be worth the effort, quick pic and away it went. A few cast later and under went the dry again and another thumping fish is on again it had taken the dropper fly, in the net, pic and away again, to be honest I was satisfied with these two fish as I only had the morning to fish, but might as well make the most of it.


So I carried on working my way methodically up the run, putting the flies into likely looking spots, on the far bank there is a big over hanging snag I put a cast up along it, it was around 18″ -24″ out from the snag and nothing, I tried another cast, the wind had dropped a little so I could get the flies a lot closer and it drifted right along side the snag, as the dry came to the end of the snag it stopped and fish on again, it seemed to be a good thumping fish pulling well, this time it had taken the point fly and this was the first fish to have a look at it.


As I kept going upstream the fish kept coming, a few very wild brown trout  and one little fingerling grayling, small but lovely to see, it’s getting on for 1 pm and I really had to go, it was a real shame as the wind was calming down and it was also getting warmer, there might of been a chance of some dry fly activity.



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