Nearly 3 Months later


Well it’s been a long time to say the least, but the river had dropped to a high fishable height so with more rain in the forecast I thought I would give it a go, the river still had a little bit of colour in it, but a lot less than the last couple of months, I tackled up and used 3 heavy-ish bugs with 4mm & 3mm tungsten heads, as I waded into the first run the flow was quite surprising, mind it might just be that I haven’t stood in a river for a long time, mind the flow was still washing the gravel from under my feet, as I worked my way down the run it seemed a little quiet, then the line stopped and a little grayling around 3/4 of a pound was bouncing around, small but nice to see after this long enforced break, around ten cast later a little sort of different tap on the line and one of the smallest grayling I had caught in a long time about as big as your thumb, then a much better fish but it had spots on it’ a big and very nice looking brown trout around two pounds, a cracker but not what I was looking for, I was nearly at the end of the first run and thinking of moving and then another fish but yet again another trout, a bit smaller than the first one but it good condition.


Off up steam to try another run by now the wind had got up making it harder to detect a subtle bite, but the wind would come a go so no real need to change tactics just preserver, yet again another small trout and then quite a savage take, this time a better grayling but as I landed the fish it looked like it had been in the wars, scales missing and healed over puncture mark on its side, not sure if the missing scales are from all the flood water or the big black ducks attacking them. as  worked down the run I caught another 2-3 grayling mainly around the 3/4 lb mark, so time for one more move and try one last run as the wind seemed to be getting worse, this run had changed dramatically the floods had scrapped a lot of the gravel away and it’s a goof foot deeper than it was before Christmas, just as it was starting to get a bit to deep for me the line stopped dead, I thought it was going to be another of the many snags that I had found, when you get to know the river through the spring and summer you get to know where every big rock and snag are, then you get a flood and everything has moved about and the learning starts again, but this wasn’t a snag but a bit better grayling, I was really pleased as I don’t think I could have gone any further in this run, I don’t mind wading deep but not in this sort of flow, in the fast water the battle seemed to go on for a long time just when I thought I was in control out it would go into the fast water over and over, finally it was landed quick pic and away it went, so I thought it a good time to head for home.



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