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Finally the Welsh rivers have dropped to a fishable level, so I had a morning to my self so off I went to the upper Wye, getting to the river it looked quite nice, so I tackled up and started fishing a lovely long run, in the first 10 minutes I hooked and landed a nice grayling around 46 cm, every now and again I heard a plopping noise, just like some one bugging but I couldn’t see anyone, then I saw a splash on the water, then I saw someone in the bushes, brilliant someone is spinning the run in front of me, I carried on  down the run and managed to catch another 3 fish, so I thought I would move down stream and get in front  of the spinning gentleman !!

As I got to the piece of water a bloody cormorant got up off the run I wanted to fish, I did mutter quite a few words to my self, well I here now so I might as well give it a go, using the same set up and flies to my surprise after around 4-5 casts I was in, the run had quite a fast flow and the grayling really used it to its advantage, it ran rings round me for a minute or two, but it was in the net, photographed and slipped back into the water, phew the black death hadn’t spooked the run too much, well it hadn’t as I had another 3-4 grayling and a very nice out of season trout, then the next fly in the ointment canonist coming down the river, to be fair they were very pleasant people and not a problem.

So off to another run, this time I went up stream to a nice long run, second cast a nice trout, it wasn’t pleased to be hooked and I think that’s why they are called wild brown trout it went mad jumping all  over the place, time was getting on and I had things to do in the afternoon so I thought one more fish and I’m off, only it didn’t happen so I finished the run and headed for home.


The best fish of the day and the camera focuses on the back ground and not the fish, so sorry about the rubbish picture.



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