I Like Autumn Football !!


My daughter had a footie match this morning which they won 8-1 but football isn’t for me so if there is a river close by I can go and have a play, I thought I would really concentrate on grayling today and get ready for winter, I don’t usually fish pink bugs quite this early, but why not, I set up my rod with a French style leader 3 bugs , 2 with 3mm tungsten heads and one un weighted bug all set around 18″ – 24″ apart, at the start of the run the water is shallow and flowing quite fast, as I flick the flies up stream and let them trundle along the bottom a couple of times, I think to my self I’m sure there is a fish sitting in the shallow water and yes there is but now it’s on my un weighted pink bug, great start to the day I thought,


I was going to have to fish the water quite quickly as I only had around 90 minutes before the game would be over, so as I looked at the run, on the far side I could see a deeper channel with the odd deeper hole, in this low water if the fish were going to be any where this would be the place, so I quickly and methodically made my way down stream, the braid indicator slowed and as I lifted a little brownie started thrashing around all over the place, I thought to my self calm down your going to spook every fish in the run, I quickly landed and released the little trout and carried on my way down the run, there’s a lovely deep hole behind a rock as the flies worked their way around the rock the indicator stopped  this time a better grayling  was on and then back off again, I wasn’t pleased to say the least.


The run was slowing and getting slightly deeper I methodically put my flies into every likely looking spot and I’m in again this time a better fish, it had taken the black bug on the point, it gave a very good account of its self and even tried jumping clear out of the water several times this grayling was around 45 cm in length, as it swam away I noticed another fish close to the far bank, as I worked the flies to cover the fish the line stopped again but this time stuck in some rocks I tried to get the flies out as quietly as I could so I wouldn’t spook the fish I was trying to catch, but the point fly snapped off, so looking in my fly box I saw an experimental fly I had made around 2 weeks a go, so I thought I would give that a go on the point, to my surprise as it passed the fish on the far bank  the fish swung round and moved around 2′ -3′ across the current and nailed the new fly straight away, I was well chuffed, this run was about fished out so time for a move.

BALIThe next stretch is a shallow run running into a deeper channel, in the shallow water I caught 3-4 smallish brown trout and as I came to the deeper water my flies swung under an overhanging bush and again I’m into a grayling this time around 40 cm and brilliant on the new fly, this run seemed a little slower than the last one but as I looked at the run below to see if any fish were moving on the surface and my flies had finished their drift I thought time for a move but before I could move another fish had taken my point fly, this new fly is looking good I thought, as walked to the next run a text message came through saying the game had finished and it was time to move my self, but a lovely if only a little to short time on the water.


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