Presentation Is Key


Day out with Simon today, the river yet agian is very low so presentation would be order of the day, fine tippet, small flies and good casting, as we walked along the river it all looked a little quite, so we started with the duo and search the water, it was surprisingly warm so I had my fingers crossed for a few flies on the top later in the day.

In the first run nothing was caught, but as Simon moved above a really shallow riffle , mind the water he is fishing is only around 18″ deep, as I walked up the bank to have a look at the runs  further upstream Simon had a fish on, but is was off as quickly as it was hooked, then around ten minutes later a half decent grayling was in the net and then a very spirited little trout was jumping all over the place, that’s why they call them wild brown trout !!

By now fish were moving on the surface so Simon fancied going on the dries, the fish were only rising sporadically but it’s always worth a go, Simon wanted to try a cdc fly out of his box, it looked a little big to me, but you never know, after around quarter of an hour Simon tried one of my small F flies, this accounted for a couple of small fish, time for a spot of lunch and watch the river to see if a hatch was going to happen, but still the flies seemed a little on the on and off hatch, so we moved further up the river to a long glide I swapped Simon back to duo and see if searching the water would work and it certainly did and nice grayling took the nymph, but while Simon landed  the fish, the river seemed to wake up and fish were rising all over the place, so it was time to swap back to dries again, the only problem was I couldn’t see any thing on the surface, so I thought I would put a small emerger pattern on, nothing, then a size 18 F fly as we had seen a few needle fly earlier in the day nothing, while Simon fished I stared at the water surface for any clues then I spotted a little black gnat drifting along the surface, but only one, oh well in for a penny, I put on one of my mating black gnats patterns and we were in 2 or 3 nice sized grayling , then the rising stopped again, so it was time to walk back down the river, not a big fish number day but well deserved/well worked out sort of day, got my little grey cells working hard for a change.

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