Dries All The Way


A day to my self today so I was out early, to be honest I thought it was to early as it was foggy and quite cold, I thought I would venture around 10 miles down stream from home for a change, when I got to the water it looked a little un inspiring, I thought I should have waited for things to warm up a little, well I’m here now and it looked as if nymphs would be the order of the day, I set up with a trio rig and started making my way up a run, after a handful of casts a fish came up to the dry but didn’t connect, on the next run through the dry disappeared and a good fish was on, a nice grayling around 43cm a good start to the day I thought, two casts latter a fish came to the dry again, this time it was on, this fished felt really heavy, it wasn’t that big around 40cm but there was a 42cm grayling on the nymph as well, things are looking up, by now there seemed to be fish rising a little more regularly so I swapped over to just a dry, it was definitely the right  way to go, it seemed like a fish every 10 minutes, as I worked my way up a lovely looking run I could see fish rising behind a snag  on the far bank, as I flicked the dry up the run up came a fish and it was on and wasn’t happy it flew out of the water which you would normally think it to be a trout but it was another grayling, this time 47cm, then another 43cm and a couple of small trout, I wanted to stay all day but as always my day’s off tend to have a lot of other things in them, so I called it a day and went home feeling really good.



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