Minnows To Monsters And Gutted !!

I don’t tend to have to much free time in the summer and with all the guiding I do it’s a case of trying to remember everything I’m going to need to make the clients day perfect, no guiding today so I thought I would take D up the river, he wanted to see if he could catch minnows, in a minnow trap, I was happy to oblige, so I thought I would take my gear and perhaps have a little play as well, we walked to his favourite spot and after ten minutes or so I thought I would have a cast, most of the clients I have taken out recently have fished Duo or Trio style so I thought I would give that a go, after fishing around ten yards up the first run, not a touch and D had around 4-5 minnows in his bucket, strange how when he is out in front how it becomes a competition !

As I moved into some deeper water and as you do I thought I would really like to catch a big lump today, I don’t know if someone was looking down and smiling on me, but the little olive Klink slipped under as I lifted you could tell this was something nice even though I couldn’t see it or even get it anywhere near me, the battle seemed to go on for ages and when I saw it, it was  big , with YES and don’t lose it going through my mind, by the time the net slipped underneath the grayling I was around 75 -100 yards away from where I  first hooked it, I shouted D to come and have a look and take a pic for me, he came running along the river bank and was quite amazed at the size of the grayling, it was 49cms and as fat as a pig, I un hooked it help it in the water in the net and started searching for my camera, inside pocket of my waders is where I always put it, no, outside pocket, no, hmm in my chest pack, no, in my shorts pocket inside my waders no, OH NO I have forgotten my camera, a cracker landed and no camera, what an idiot, to say I was a little gutted would be an understatement.

Oh well never mind carry on and carry on I did what a couple of hours, fish after fish after fish, four trout around the pound mark, 15 – 20 grayling between  34 – 40 cm and then a 43 cm, 47 cm and a 49 cm grayling, what a couple of hours, I even caught more fish than the minnow king.

Sorry about no pictures, but you wouldn’t be as disappointed as I was when I realised I hadn’t got my camera.


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