A Very Nice Day


What a fantastic day, really  nice company and great fishing.  Michael has fished the river many times with not a lot of results. When we met up, Michael said he fished a run last night and didn’t have a touch, so I thought that was a good place to start the fishing lesson.  We looked at the water to see what was going on. While we looked, I explained about reading the water, how to fish the water and all about various techniques, so I set Michael up with a good searching method. As we worked our way up the run the fish were very helpful and came to the flies thick and fast, in a run where there were no fish the day before 6 fish were landed and a few missed, so, as Michael said, ” 600% better than yesterday”.

As I wanted to try to teach Michael several methods so he would have a  better chance when he was on his own, we moved further up stream to a faster piece of water and a different style of fishing, this time with 3 flies on the leader so three times the chance of a fish. Again the fish were hungry for my flies. I have to be honest, I can’t remember how many fish Michael caught but it was a good mix of trout and grayling. As we moved to a spot where Michael said he would have never have thought of trying, it all came together, two of the best fish Michael had caught and both of them in around three casts, they both gave their all and gave a really great scrap.

Time was getting on and it was time for another style of fishing so we tried three ways to fish a dry. The real shame was, we walked the river and we hardly saw a fish rise. As it was late in the day I said we would give it a go anyway as Michael had caught on every method I had shown him. I was hoping that something would pop up and take the dry. In the first run, 4 fish came and had a go but no hook up, then, finally, a brown trout was on, a great way for Michael to finish off his days fishing.




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