What A Day !!


What a start to a fishing day I meet Bernard bright and early, quick chat and get the gear out of the car, Bernard had left his rod and reel in the tube and bag so I said you might as well set them up here, save carrying them around with you, but unfortunately he put the car keys on the parcel shelf, sorted the rod and reel and then shut the boot, you’ve guessed it the keys are looked in the boot, bugger!!

Anyhow there was no way we were going to get in it so Bernard made a few calls and the car company said they would send someone to try and sort it, I asked him if he wanted to wait or should we have a fish close by, lets have a fish was the reply, so we went down to the river had a look what was going on, to start with not a lot so we went with nymphs, poor old Bernard had his mind on the car as a he missed several fish and then the RAC turned up and after around half an hour Bernard and the keys were reunited, what a relief.

So mind clear and back to the fishing, by now a couple of fish had started rising and a nice little trout came to hand, then a grayling on the dries, by now it was heading towards lunch time and time for a move and something to eat, Bernards food was in the car so he carefully got it and locked the car back up !!

After lunch we tried Trio and what a difference Bernard had a trout and grayling in around 4 casts, as we worked our way through this run another 3 or 4 fish came to had mainly sub surface, but 2 good grayling came up to the dry but didn’t stay on, so time for another move this time a deeper slower run, not as many fish but a really nice trout took the point fly, bar for this fish the run seemed really slow, so off we went again to a fast shallow run it was nearly the end of the day but worth a try and the best fish of the day a nice plump grayling, Bernard didn’t want to bother wasting time taking pics of the fish, just get them un hooked and back in the water, after a doggy start the fish came through to brighten the day.


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