A Bit Windy Out There !!


Took Graham Out to day he wanted to learn about river fish nd bite detection in particular, it was a little bit of a shame as the wind was blowing very stong down stream, so this  would spoil really sensitive bites, when we meet up at the river house martins were skimming the water surface and quite a few fish were rising, so we thought we would give dries a go to start with, as it was so windy and Graham thought a small olive would be hard to see we started with a size 16 sedge after 3-4 fish had come up to the sedge but nothing hooked Graham said cane you show me what I’m doing wrong and I might pick something up watching how you would fish this stretch of water, I have to be honest I don’t like having the rod off the client as I want them to catch the fish so I had around five casts and caught a small plump brown, so Graham was now inspired and his reaction time had got quicker and the fish started to get hooked, we fished dries for around an hour and then went back to fishing different methods  and help with bite detection, I swapped Graham over to duo ( dry with a nymph ) and on Graham’s second cast a little trout, ten minutes later a nice grayling, in around  an hour Graham caught five fish, so it was time for a quick bite to eat and move to another run, the only problem it was a little more exposed to the wind.

So after lunch we moved to a  fast run with multiple currents running through it as Graham fished each current in turn no fish were caught so we tried the next run very shallow with a little deeper channel on the far side as the flies moved through this run a fish came from nowhere to the dry, this answered a question Graham had asked ” will the fish take the dry or is it just there as an indicator” but no hook up a couple of cast later a brown came up again and it was on, by now the wind was getting stronger and stronger so time for another move to a sheltered spot, when we arrived at the next area Graham said can I watch you fish this run for a while so I fished around twenty yards of the run and caught two trout and a grayling, which worked quite well as it was in a shallow run and not the best part of the run, leaving the better part for Graham, as he worked his way up the slightly deeper water where he caught another grayling and trout on the nymph.



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