Weather Is Poor But the Fishing Is Spot On !!


I guided Charles today, the weather forecast was awful gale force winds, heavy rain, over the last two weeks the sun has been out and the river has been very low, the fish were super spooky, so I thought with all the wind it would make it a little harder for the fish to spot us in the water, when Charles turned up the wind was blowing quite strong but I know a few sheltered spots so off we went, I do think Charles thought it was a little on the rough side for fishing, after setting him up and he had casted the fly out around five times and caught a fish I think he had changed his mind, in the first run Charles caught five grayling and a trout,  all coming to a really small nymph suspended under a dry, we had a quick drink and moved to another sheltered run, it was quite shallow but with quite a deep hole half way down it, as Charles fish the front lip of the hole  a trout took the nymph, then another and another, it was quite strange how the one run seemed all grayling and the next all trout, another heavy shower was coming over so we decided to have some lunch.

After lunch we moved up stream to a run with a lot of over hanging trees, as Charles fished the first run I saw a trout come up to the dry, not sure if he reacted a bit quick or if the fish missed the dry but no hook up, then around ten minutes later a trout was on the dry and this time landed, the fish had seemed to of gone off the nymph and now were concentrating on the dry, I’m not sure how many fish Charles caught but most of them came to the dry, as time was getting on we moved for the last time and see if I could find him another sheltered spot, well it wasn’t as sheltered as the other three but we thought we would give it a go, Charles only caught one trout in this run to be fair the wind was howling, so we called it a day and headed back to the car park.


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