Fixing leaking Waders

How to repair leaking Fishing Waders

Fixing leaking Waders

Finding a leak or hole in your fishing waders can turn a good day sour in seconds. The slightest of holes, tears or pin-pricks can let water seep through the material and onto your under clothing, although this may be welcomed in the warmer summer months, throughout any other season cold water entering through your fishing waders can prove fatal, and it doesn’t do your breathable waders any good. Recently at Fishtec we’ve had many sets of fishing waders back to us which have been littered with pin holes, more than likely caused by the growing brambles, thorns and other bank-side shrubbery.

The usual affect areas are around the knees, waist and hip and bottom of the waders where an angler has identically pushed their way past some nettles or alike. Even the toughest and most expensive waders will spring leaks from time to time, but how do you find a leak in your fishing waders? We’ve put together the most simple test to find the smallest of leaks and shown you how to repair your trusty breathable waders.

What do you need to find a leak in your waders?

  • Adhesive Waterproof Glue such as Stormsure of Airflo Bloc-IT Wader Repair
  • Airflo Bloc-IT Leak Detector

Some leaks may be blatantly obvious, a tare or rip will provide easy visual accuracy, but a pin hole or small puncture will take time and effort to locate. If your having trouble finding a leak in your waders try some alcohol spray, below we’ve used the Airflo Bloc-IT leak detector, a small bottle with spray adapter for easy application.

Turn your fishing waders inside out generously spray the leak detector on the inside of the wader material. If there are any punctures or hole in the wader a black spot will form accurately giving your the exact location of a leak.

Once the whole inside of the wader have been covered and all leaks have been detected, take some Stormsure or Airflo Bloc-IT Wader Repair, both waterproof adhesive glues, and put a dot over the shown leak. Repeat this over the whole length of wader so that all holes are covered. It’s wise to lay your fishing waders flat on the floor or table, repair the one side and leave to cure for a few hours then repeat the process on the opposite side.

On this particular pair of chest waders we found a pin hole tear caused by a thorn or bramble which scagged along the front of the wader material. To secure this from leaking simple apply Stormsure to the full length of the tear ensuring to cover 1 centimeter around the effected area. This will ensure that any scagged fibers will be glued and cured.



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