Things Do Fall Into Place, Sometimes

I took Andrew out for his first days fly fishing, I was very concerned as in the middle of the week, we had some horrible weather and the river tripled in height and watching the river gauges the Clywedog was releasing water like mad so the river wasn’t dropping, but at around 4.30 pm on Friday the Clywedog had started to fall and quite quickly, so it was a case of fingers crossed for the morning, first job early Saturday morning was check the gauges and scoot down to the river for a check, it was clear and nearly spot on, YES.

So off to meet Andrew, slight confusion on a meeting place but all was sorted with a quick phone call, we walked down to the river, all the usual safety talk, explain the gear/set up and the basics of the two casts and it was time for Andrew to have a go, we started with a roll cast, it took a few cast to get it going of the right shoulder, after a while it would come and go a little worse and then come back again, so I showed Andrew how to cast off his left shoulder ( 90% of people find this easier so I hoped it was the same for Andrew) Andrew found it amazing how easy he found it and when he swapped back to his right shoulder that clicked a lot better as well, so it was then onto the over head cast Andrew picked this up really quickly and even with a nasty swirling wind.

Time for a spot of lunch and talk more about the fishing side of things, as we eat or lunch I watched the water and explained what I was looking for, as there wasn’t any rising fish I set up a nymphing rig, quick demo and Andrew was away after around 10 minutes Andrew had a bite but nothing, then another 10 minutes later a fish on for a short time but Andrew slack lined it and that one was off, the hardest thing to teach someone is how to land fish as you can explain everything but it down to the individual to do it with out panicking, again another fish but lifted to hard and pulled the fly out of the fish, by the end of the afternoon Andrew  had around 6-7 bites but no fish landed, it wasn’t a negative as all he needed to do it just get into the playing fish side of things and that all comes with practise, even the best loose fish unfortunately !!


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