Here We Go Again


After such a fantastic day on the Wye yesterday what a shock to the system, yesterday shirt sleeves and suntans, today windy a lot cooler, no shirt sleeves but fleeces and jackets, I know I keep saying it but I do wish the weather would settle down.

Any how I took out Chris and his farther out today, Chris hadn’t really fly fished before and his farther had years a go, when we meet up the weather wasn’t to bad, but after around an hour here it comes again, the wind getting stronger and stronger, to be honest they performed the basic casts really well considering how it was blowing, both roll and overhead, a real nice easy start for me, after a spot of lunch we moved onto fishing by now the wind is howling down the river, I had noticed the odd rise while Chris and his farther practised their casting, so I thought after all the hatches yesterday the fish should still be looking up, I tackled them both up with one of my grannom patterns and I showed Chris’s farther a nice run where there should be a few fish, couple of demos and I left to get Chris sorted and fishing, as Chris started fishing, a fish came up for his dry it was there and gone in the blink of an eye, I explained you have to react really quickly, up came another fish and gone , I think five fish came to the dry and then bingo a fish on, before we stopped for a drink Chris had caught four or five fish and his farther had caught three, we moved up stream a more sheltered location, which was nice for the casting but the fish seemed to be hiding away it might have been the really shallow water and no ripple, the fish could see us long before we could see them, after around an hour Chris’s dad had caught nothing and it was looking a little dead then a shout and Chris was into a nice trout and the best fish of the day, it was fantastic as Chris had put it all together him self.

By now the wind was howling and rain was coming down the valley so we called it a day, were out again tomorrow only the forecast is even worse, be interesting to see what happens.



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