Sunshine & Rising Fish


I took Paul on the Wye today and for the first time this year the sun is out, the fish are rising, Grannom and up wings coming off, looks like a good day.

Paul has fly fished for some time and as we chatted about his fishing and the tactics he has been using, he asked if I could help with his casting, we went over the roll and the overhead cast, Paul was really surprised how little effort/ energy you really had to use to perform a good fly cast, we played around with casting for around an hour a Paul was very pleased with how his casting had improved, after a quick drink we moved on some fishing, I explained all about reading the river where the food lanes will be and where the fish should be sitting, I started Paul off with some spider fishing, short line and long leader and three flies which he did find a little concerning as he had only ever fished with a single fly before, quick demo and away he went, Paul remarked I don’t suppose there will be any fish in that shallow water, well that’s a good place to start then I thought, in one pass of the river he caught 6 – 10 fish of various sizes, Paul was very surprised as he thought there wouldn’t be any fish in shallow water, by lunch time Paul had caught so many fish neither of us had any idea of the numbers, but  4 of them were very nice fish.

After lunch we moved onto dries Paul had fished up stream dries so I thought I would show him down stream dry fly fishing as we moved down a long run Paul caught a few fish and missed quite a few, “you can’t  lift fast enough” I remarked, the shallow water seemed to provide the most fish as we got to what looked the better water Paul did bring up a few fish and got broken off by what looked a real nice fish but the deeper the water got the fish seemed to dry up, But what a cracking day it had been, great company, great fishing and a good suntan as well.

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