Nice To See


Popped over to the Wye this morning, when I looked out side it looked sunny, not much wind a nice morning, by the time I got there it was still sunny but the cold wind was blowing again, a real shame as I really wanted to fish dries, but you couldn’t see a rise any where, so I started off with nymphs after around an hour I had caught 5-6 fish nothing very big, but there was the odd Grannom fluttering about I kept watch the water thinking any time now, but still nothing, I watched them dance on the water still no rises, three hours had gone by now and I was felling a little fed up and thought I would walk back up the river to where I’d parked and if I didn’t see any surface activity I was off home, just before I got the car park I watched a shallow riffle sort of run and there was a rise I’m sure a fish just moved then another, you wouldn’t have seen someone change to a dry so fast, on with my favorite grannom pattern and waited to see if the fish in this run would continue rising and they did, 3 casts and a nice pound ish trout, hand full of cast later a 38cm grayling, then a couple more trout, then the fish above a 45 cm grayling, I usually would photo an out of season fish, but this fish seemed to have a slight deformity to its body right behind its dorsal fin, almost like a hunchback, I had another three grayling so it was time to move down the run around 75 yards away from the grayling, fish still rising, I’m excited, but it’s grayling again, so my next plan was to move quickly up the river to another run and see if there was a trout on the fin, when I watched the water nothing no rises, a few casts and nothing came up to my fly or a real fly, I waited nothing, walk back down stream still nothing, it was fantastic for 45 minutes and then nothing, never mind I was very pleased as I went home.

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