At Last

I took Mark and Sam out for their first days fly fishing, It was supposed to take place last May but the weather conspired against us and it didn’t come off untill now, what a summer it was last year was.

When I got up it was clear blue skies and not a breath of wind, by the time we meet up at the river the cloud was rolling in and the wind was getting up ( here we go again I thought) Mark and Sam got their waders on and we walked up the river to find a spot sheltered from the wind, I explained all about the gear, set up, then onto the two basic casts roll and overhead, Sam picked up the roll cast really quickly and off both shoulders, Mark took a couple of minutes to get to grips with it, but very quickly for his first time when we moved onto the left shoulder Mark found it a lot easier, when we moved onto overhead cast, Mark was away straight away and nice to see with a gentleman caster no brute force, just letting the rod do the work, Sams timing was very slightly off for a couple of minutes but once he got his rhythm the basic overhead cast was looking good, well done to them both for picking it up so quickly, makes my life very easy !!

After lunch we went onto fishing, Sam had fished for carp before and Mark had only fished years ago when he was young, so explained about river craft, what flies to use and how to fish the runs we had in front of us, I started Sam off first as the day was his birthday present, within around ten casts he had a fish on but it came off, leaving Sam to get on with it while I went to show Mark what to do I had just finished explaining to Mark what to do and Sam came back up the river after just catching an out of season 2 1/2 lb grayling, big well done for his first time fly fishing, as the day went on Mark hadn’t had a fish, I helped in a tricky little run under some trees all of a sudden the line stopped and I said lift and bingo another nice grayling.

We tried another run but by now the wind was blowing even harder and the rain was putting in its appearance so we called it a day and walked back down the river.


Pic supplied by Mark


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