Last Day Of The Season


Last day of the grayling season, I did say about a week and a half a go that I was feed up with the cold and I was going to wait for the start of the trout season, but you have to don’t you the last day of the grayling season, as I left the house the weather was lovely quite warm and clear blue skies, by the time I arrived at the river, it had clouded over and the wind was blowing and yes it was quite cold again.

The main reason I wanted to go fishing is I had some flies that I had made and hadn’t given them a swim, so it was just to try and see if they would work, river is very low and clear so a bit of range I thought would be to my advantage, so Trio was the order of the day, I put one of my favorite  flies on the point and one of the new flies on the dropper and away I went into the first run, flicking the flies up stream and watching the Aero wing dry coming back to me it was hardly moving in the very slow current, today is going to be tough I thought, after around ten cast the dry disappeared and a little grayling was thrashing about, yes it was on my new pattern great start I thought, couple of casts latter another slightly bigger grayling was on, again on the new fly, this looks good, but it got even better in this run the fly took eight to ten grayling, then my old faithful fly pattern  came good but this time a trout, this run seemed to be fished out so I moved to another run, as I worked my way up it I caught another seven grayling and all on the new pattern, shame it’s the last day of the grayling season, I will have to wait another couple on months to see if it’s just a flash in the pan or not


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