Frosty Start


Went out for a fish today with my friend Tony, great start to the day, nice full cooked breakfast to get us set up and off we went, it was very surprising how much frost and ice there was in the shadows, we got togged up and walked down to the water, being the gentleman I am I gave Tony choice of which run he wanted to fish, as I worked my way into the run up stream of him I was shoked how much push the water had, I had put quite a heavy bug on the point ( which I did think was going to be a bit on the heavy side but was spot on for the pace of the water ) I think I had worked my way around 10′ down the run and the line slowed as I lifted the rod I could feel a fish thrashing about, I was very pleased to catch so quickly and even better Tony had noticed my rod was bent into a fish, quick pic and away it went, around another 15- 20 cast latter another fish of a similar size, as I let this fish go I heard a whistle Tony was into a nice grayling, I stopped fishing and went down to him, he was very pleased so I took a pic for him and walked back up to my run, sliding back down the bank and into the water I carried on down the run I caught one more grayling and thought I would head in the opposite direction to Tony and go upstream, I started in a nice looking pool with a fast flow through the middle of it, as I flicked the flies just along the side of the fast flow the line stopped dead, as I lifted the rod it felt like the flies had snagged the bottom as pulled a little harder there was a thump thump and the line started moving, I could see the fish moving in the water, it was a large grayling, trying to get it out of  the fast flow and into some slower water the battle commenced, when I finally got it into the slower water I thought things were going my way then it took of past me and under a fallen tree, then the sickening feel of the fly ripping out and it was gone,  I was a little disappointed to say the least!!

I moved on up stream again  to another nice looking run as I worked my way down it seemed a little dead, so quick re think and I went around 10 yards back up stream and fished as tight as I dared against some snags on the far bank and bingo a nice grayling came to the net and then another, I carried on down the run and all was quiet, at the end of the run the bottom of the river dropped off into a deeper pool as the flies moved over the drop off the line stopped again, no grayling this time but a nice trout, time was pressing on by now so it was time for us to call it a day, I think in all I had caught two trout and around six grayling,when I caught up with Tony he had just caught a nice trout as well, lovely weather with good company a great day was had by all.



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