Thermal Socks Do Work !!


I decided the last minute to go and have a fish after I saw the weather forecast and they said it was going to snow tomorrow, so I rushed to get all my stuff together, travelling to my chosen fishing spot I kept thinking I have forgotten something and I had my extra socks, not good but I’m here now, so I walked along the river looking for a suitable spot to fish the river is high and flowing quickly, but the main thing it was quite clear, standing in the water’s edge I could feel that the water was really cold, so with the combination of high cold water I thought I would fish on the heavy side, double bead hares ear on the point and new 4mm bead head nymph on the middle dropper and a new pink shrimp/bug pattern on the top dropper, I haven’t had much time to try some of my new creations that have come off my vice so I thought I would give some of them a swim, as soon as I started fishing my phone rang, no problem quick chat and back on with business, three cast latter in a little eddie the line slowed down, I must admit with the heavy bug on the point I thought it was stuck on the bottom but it was stuck in a lovely 46cm grayling, in the fast flow there was one hell of a battle going on, always a little scary as the hook can pull very easily with the amount of pressure the fish and the water are putting on the hook hold, but it didn’t and the fish had taken the new bug on the middle dropper, fantastic that works, quick pic and back he swam all safe and sound around another ten casts in to the eddie the line stopped again as I lifted I could feel a lot of pressure but moving pressure, this fish feels even bigger, again with the fast flow there was one hell of a scrap, I tried to steer the fish across the fast flow into the slower water where I was, the one thing when playing a fish that I really don’t like is when it starts jumping out f the water, grayling don’t jump that much but it can be a sure way to lose a fish but again all went to plan, in the water in looked a monster, quick measure and it came in at 49cms this time on the point fly, it’s a fantastic fish but I was hoping he was a little bigger, I have had several of 50cm this year but not one over it ( just being greedy now )


I carried on down the run by now my feet were really hurting and as I have already got a cold I was thinking should I stay or should I go, I thought I would give it another ten minutes, which turned out to be more like half an hour, as I flicked the heavy flies out the next fish came in the real calm water right in front of me, this time around 45cm on the top dropper so all the flies were working well and in the slower flow a lot easier to land, another quick pic and away it went, carrying on down the run more towards the tail of the run the little fellas decided to get into the game, mind when I say little they were all around the 35-40cm bracket all coming to the top dropper, by now my feet were telling me enough was enough coming out of the water and walking across a couple of fields to the car park it was painful in a numb sort of away.


Tip of  the day DON’T forget your thermal socks on a really cold day you will and I did regret it.


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