Hard Work


Well I thought I had been doing really well as there has been colds and bugs in my house since Christmas and all was well with me, well they have caught up with me, I have been working hard all week for other people, so cold or not I thought I would have to get out there and have a go, I must admit when I lifted my head off the pillow I thought the insides of it had stayed on the pillow, not feeling good at all.

Any how when I arrived at the river I knew the dam was releasing water but water height and colour all seemed OK, so that was a good start, tackling up with bugs and not the ones in my head I started fishing the first run, the river was pushing through quite hard, I’d put two experimental flies and one old favorite on my leader the point fly had a 4mm tungsten bead and was only just heavy enough to be tripping bottom, in the first run nothing big but a lot of trout and mainly coming to a new little black jig fly and three grayling to the old favorite, so I moved down stream to another run see if any big ladies were partying there, again smallish grayling to around a 1 -1 1/2 lbs but two belting trout on the black jig and also a few smaller ones. so it was time to move again, there was another good reason to move with the head cold I was freezing so a nice long walk, I think I walked around a mile up stream to a nice run I always like to fish, I just got my self sorted to fish this run and another angler appeared on the far bank he told me had already fished the run and was going to have another go, I said I just wanted to fish the little bit in front of me and then would go off somewhere else He said that was OK so I worked my way into the run, third cast a small grayling then another and another, then a nice sized trout , a  little bit bigger grayling  for a run that had already been fished it was going well quite a few more trout and grayling took my flies, not sure how many in all but I think double figures so it was time to move on again, I fished two more runs and caught another 8-10 fish one thing that was common with a lot of the fish was the predation marks on them and you can see it in the pic below on the middle of this trout.



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