Wye Oh Wye




Phone Call off my friend P did I fancy going to the Wye, to be honest how cold the wind has been I didn’t, he said ” he had a lot on and was going at 8am and wanted to be back for lunch time as he had stuff to do in the afternoon”  Oh well why not when we arrived at the river it was low and clear with a freezing easterly wind blowing down the river, not very inviting, I tackled up with 3 medium weight bugs, P had shot off to one of our favorite runs to start fishing, I thought I would try some of the slower runs and work my way down to him, I flicked my bugs up stream and watched the line move slowly down stream, I was wondering to my self have I got slightly too much weight on for the pace of water I’m fishing, flick them up stream again to double check, everything stopped and I thought I was snagged, yes I was snagged into a good grayling, perhaps I had made the right choice to come after all, after this fish the run seemed dead, as I got to the tail of the run I tought I would move off down stream, but something said to me finish fishing this run as this time of year you never know where the grayling will be, 2 minutes later every thing stopped again, I lifted the rod and I could tell it was a fish but no hook up, next cast bang big grayling on and not happy it had taken my pink bug on the top dropper, I had also got another pink bug on the middle dropper that a friend had shown me last week and on the point an egg eating caddis, quick pic and away it went, three cast later and the same again another good fish, my hand are freezing from un hooking the fish, but worth it, as I fished the tail of the run for another 5 -10 yards another 10 big fish came to the net mainly on my pink bug and the caddis, notthing at all to the new pink bug, very strange as last week it was on fire but not today, by now the snow had started coming down quite heavy and I could see P walking back up the river , when he got to where I was fishing he shouted “come on let’s go before this gets to heavy” the strange thing as I wasn’t that keen to come and now I didnt,t want to go , on the way home we compared notes, P said he had 3 fish up to about 3/4 lb, with a big smile ( not a smug smile ) I got my phone out and showed his what he had been missing !! 



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