Red Warning


 The Met Office weather forecast said Armageddon was coming of Friday, well it snowed but nothing dramatic about 4-6 inches, so on Saturday morning I thought I would try my luck before the snow melts and the snow melt and salt spoil the fishing yet again, when I got to the water the sky looked very gloomy with all the snow the river looked black and rather un inviting, there was a bit of a breeze blowing up stream dropping the temp a lot it was rather cold to say the least.

I tackled up  with three medium weight  bugs as the river is very low, a long leader to give the fish a little more space and not spook them, I quietly worked my way into the run and started working my way down in very methodically as the water got a little deeper the first fish came to a pink bug and not the one I had been playing with earlier in the week that had worked so well, only a small grayling around 12″ and then another and another in the first run I think I caught around 12 fish all smallish grayling, moving down stream the water’s depth is arround 3-4′ I worked my way down this run with the same flies as I had used in the shallower run above, I caught 4-5 fish but I thought there should have been a few more so I went back to the top of the run, I replaced the point fly with a lot heavier fly and tried again, I could feel this fly bumping the bottom and bang a better fish this time a grayling around 40cm, confidence up I could see a fish milling around in what I would call a dead spot, the current flows all around this spot and in the middle of the dead spot there isn’t any flow, you put flies into it and they hardly move, so I thought I would try to work the flies through at a slow pace by leading them with the rod and trying to make them look as natural as I could and bingo the grayling took the fly again around the 40cm mark, not big but I was very pleased with this fish as he had set himself in a very difficult bit of water to fish, I fished another run afterwards and the grayling kept coming and even a small trout, fishing around an underwater snag the inevitable happened and I lost my flies sitting on the snow I tried to make up a new leader and realised how cold my hand had become so I thought it’s time to head for home, after lunch we all went out sledging a cold morning and afternoon but a fantastic Saturday.




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