90 Minutes


Now I’m no football fan but my daughter plays and my wife loves watching so when their off to a game and there is a river close by dad tags along, it was supposed to be freezing weather but to be honest I thought it was quite warm so I put my kit on and off  I wondered to have 90 minutes fishing, the rivers have all dropped and are a lot clearer than they had been in months so I thought I would start off with duo and fish light and fine, I put two size 18 nymphs under a klink, and as I walked along the river bank I couldn’t belive my eyes I could see three big shapes in a slower run,” are they fish I thought and as one drifted across the bottom the answer was yes” so I kept low and waded very carefully into position trying not to spook them as I cast across the current the flies trundled past them and all looked good, on around the seventh cast the klink dipped and fish on and then off, a lot of muttering was going on in my head, keep calm and try again, a number of cast latter and the same again, I wasn’t pleased now, checked the hooks all seemed fine, so one left to try to catch, I hooked it the very next cast and it stayed on, playing it was a nice grayling and then off it came, I was gutted, I must admit the bites did seem quite shy the klink wouldn’t break the surface of the water, but I suppose one consolation everything was correct bar for the landing bit ( talking to a friend of mine he said it was bad angling !! Cheers fella, to my mind the fish just weren’t taking the fly correctly, well that s what I’m telling my self !! )

Any how I moved of down the river with my tail between my legs totally gutted,  around the corner was a lovely looking run with more pace so I swapped to a french/czech style of fishing with bigger heavier flies as I worked my way down the run I picked up a couple of nice fish in the 45cm region, then the indicator hardly slowed and as I lifted the rod it was solid and I could see a cracking fish thrashing about, you can imagine in my head I was saying ” don’t lose it don’t lose it ” and I didn’t and a cracker of fish and the magical 50cm, I was over the moon and didn’t really even notice it was now snowing really hard, quick pic and the fish was away to fight again, I think I had been fishing for around 65-70 minutes so off to one more run before it was time to go, this run looked very similar to the last one so I stayed with the method I was using and again some cracking fish with the biggest one coming out of this run of 47 cm, it seemed strange but I don’t think any of the fish I caught were under 45cm in length, no small fish at all, not that I mind catch crackers, then the final whistle blew as I had the text to get moving or I would be walking home !!




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