Nice Afternoon



Severn still running high not from rain water but coming down the Clywedog from the dam, so I went for a wonder around  Llangurig, I haven’t fished this stretch a lot but nice for a change, the weather was warm but cloudy and dull, to start off with all I could find where trout, but some quite nice ones up to the pound mark, then a couple of grayling the one in the picture is 45cm, but in one run with a lot of trees on both banks I hooked into what I think was a cracking grayling, it took off straight into the fast flow and I always play my fish quite hard but I couldn’t stop this fish, it took around 20 yards of line and there was no way I was going to stop this fish and get him back to me, now I don’t recommend this on a stretch of water you don’t know, but I took off down the river after it, the river was flowing hard and the water was getting deeper, I saw the fish roll a couple of times and it did seem like a good fish, but by know the water was up to the bottom off my chest pack, not good and it didn’t seem to be getting shallower, but down below me the water was a lot slower and hopefully not deeper, it wasn’t it was swallowing up I thought I was in with a chance now, but the fish started to take off again below me there’s another set of rapids I had to stop this fish now as I won’t be able to carry after him so I tried to  get things under control and that sickening feeling and it slipped the hook, it was totally gutting, I had gone around 150 yards down the river in very high water to lose it, I did say some choice words so I hope no one heard me.

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