Fishing With Mr X

Well not to keen on having my photo taken so I can understand a little why Mr X did want to be in his fish pics, he said would only spoil the picture !!

Any how it was a day of teaching nymphing with a spiral indicator, very similar to a lot of other nymphing methods, but I do think the spiral might help with the fish not feeling any tension of the line so the fish should hold onto the fly a little longer, as we started in the first run I started to demo what he needed to do, as I flicked the fly upstream and the indicator stopped right by a patch of weed to be honest I thought the flies had hooked up in the weed, as I lifted the rod and nice little grayling went mad  jumping and cartwheeling through the air a good start to the day and it always looks good for the teacher catches first cast, so Mr X had the rod, he flicked the flies upstream and the flies were working well I could see they were tripping bottom, on around the fourth pass I saw the indicator stop, I said lift the rod and bingo another small grayling was thrashing about, Mr X said “I didn’t see anything what made you say lift ” because the indicator slowed slightly it can be that subtle was my reply,  after around thirty minute Mr X had really started to notice the takes a lot better, he caught around six grayling to around a pound, then all of a sudden a large salmon rolled on the surface right in front of us and it was like a light switch being thrown, the run was dead, after another ten minutes working down the run and still nothing another or the same salmon rolled again about thirty yards below where we had seen the first one, so I thought it was time to get out of this run and move further down past where we had seen this salmon, Mr X asked “why are we moving”, I have a theory, right or wrong I’m not sure but I think when salmon are getting ready to spawn they get very aggressive and chase fish out of runs to try to keep them away from their eggs, after they have spawned and covered the eggs back up they seem more tolerant of other fish and as if to prove a point where we moved to we didn’t see another salmon and he started catching again and one cracker of 42cm.

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