Day Out With The Thompsons

Had a phone call of Ian about coming for another guided day with his son Jon, This time they wanted to get into grayling fishing, when we met up and walked down to the river it had come up over night with some colour in it, so it looked like a day for the heavier nymphs and fish them Czech style, I tackled Ian up and showed him what to do and got him going in a lovely looking run, pointing out what I thought would be the hot spots and telling to mind a couple of over hanging trees on the far side, as they seem to love to grab your flies if you’re not carefull, once Ian was happy I walked Jon further up stream to another run, same procedure as Ian set up, demo and show the likely spots that the fish should be, Jon started fishing and straight away had a phone call, passing me the rod I thought I would check and make sure the point fly was tripping bottom, in the two or three minutes he was on the phone I caught a grayling around the pound mark, Jon was quite shocked but now it’s his turn, Jon really picked up the technique very quickly and once he realised he couldn’t react quick enough the fish started to come, not huge but a lot of them, I walked back down stream to see how Ian was doing and guess what he was up one of those trees !!, he hadn’t caught anything yet, watching what he was doing the only thing I could see not quite right was reaction time, soon as he started to react a little faster two fish came quite quickly, by now it was time for lunch so we all meet up by the run Jon was fishing and had a break,  after lunch Jon carried on down the run he was fishing and I took Ian to another run I think Ian thought it was too shallow to be any good, but as I looked at it I said to Ian “there looks a lovely deeper indent in the bottom over there where I thought a fish should be ” as Ian fished up to the hot spot nothing and then second cast in the likely looking spot bingo and lovely grayling over 40cm, and in the shallower fast water what a fight, picture taken and fish released Ian carried on down the run, Jon had walked up to see how Ian was doing and said it had seemed to have gone off where he was fishing, the weather had changed and had got really cold, nothing was caught for around a half an hour and I thought that the day had ended then Ian lifted his rod into another cracking grayling, as Ian was now freezing cold he said that would be the prefect end to the day, so we all walked back to the car park and thought of a nice hot cuppa.
This is what Ian had to say about their day.
Dear Andrew,

Thanks very much for the message and the pictures.

We were soon warm once we got the heater going in the van but speaking for myself I was very tired and slept very well last night.

We did both enjoy our day enormously thank you.  I am sure, just as I hoped, that Jon got a lot out of it and as you remarked he seemed to get the hang of the technique pretty well.  We were so lucky with the weather too and the river looked in good ply.  There is obviously a good grayling population on those stretches.

Regards, Ian


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