Dries, Blue Sky and Frozen Feet

Had a phone call of Tim enquiring about learning how to fish rivers, as most of the rivers had been going up and down like a yoyo we had to grab today with both hands, sunny, very little wind, river high but clear, so we had three out of four things correct so it was worth a go, Tim had fly fished before but not in a long time, so we went over the basics again to refresh his memory, then onto some nymph fishing, Tim was quite surprised how much force the water had on his legs also the water was quite chilly, after around twenty minutes Tim had a fish and then he didn’t, it came off as quickly as it was on, never mind it’s all a learning process, around ten minutes later another fish took the nymphs this time it stayed on a little longer and as soon as I got the camera ready it came off as well, the next fish that came to play stayed on and it was a nice little grayling around half  a pound, well done Tim things are looking up, over the next hour around another three or four fish on but only one landed, now that Tim had an idea on the nymphs we thought we would change technique, even though it’s November there was the odd fish moving on the top so I thought we would give that a go, re riging with a  tapered leader and a smallish size 14 cdc olive, after around ten cast a fish came up for the dry, there and gone in a flash we carried on up the run with another three fish coming to the dry but all coming off so time for a move to another run, when Tim started in this run there seemed to be a few more fish moving on the surface, then bingo fish on and this one stayed one, yes, then another one , Tim was really starting to get the hang of things and also really prefered the dries the nymph fishing, as we carried on a little further up the run another fish came up and as Tim lifted into it the fish the fly cracked off so the fish and the fly had gone, no problem as it was about fifteen minutes from getting dark, time to call it a day.


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