Fat Lad

I received an invite to go fish a small Shropshire stream, as most of my local rivers were rather big and full of leaves I thought I would double check first if it was going to be fishable, the answer was it is still a little high but running clear, the forecast was grey with drizzle and cold, I have to be 100% honest it wasn’t really lighting my fire and wasn’t sure if I wanted to go or not, I thought I would as it was very kind of someone to let me fish there stream.

When I arrived and we had a look at the water it was clear but it was pushing through, I watched the water for a while trying to make my mind up how to tackle it, nothing moving on top so nymphs it is, I had been told that the stream held grayling and trout with a good fish around the pound mark, as I slipped down the bank and into the water I was quite surprised how much pace there was and as the banks are high and over grown and you wouldn’t want to get it wrong as it wouldn’t be to easy to scramble back up, as I flicked the nymphs up stream I knew straight away I hadn’t got enough weight in the point fly to trip bottom, so I swapped the point fly for a fly that I had knocked up a couple of weeks a go as a sacrificial fly and that was just about spot on for weight, as the flies ticked along the bottom there was a slight pause as I lifted a lovely silver fish went ballistic in the fast flow, I thought it was quite big but it was a grayling of around half a pound, but went well in the flow, as I carried on down the run a couple of trout came to hand and a few grayling the same sort of size as the first one, the flow was starting to slow a little and the run was getting deeper it was easier wading but I was a little worried as I didn’t want it to get any deeper as it would be a real struggle to get up the bank to get back out, lucky it was around hip depth all the way through, as the nymphs trundled through there was a very sharp movement of the braid indicator this time a very nice grayling of well over the pound mark, my host was very impressed with the fish, but around 5-6 cast afterwards we were both very impressed indeed, the indicator slowed very slightly, next to nothing really as I lifted the rod tip to see if it was a fish or bottom there was a very solid thumping going on and as with larger fish it wasn’t showing it self, just and a very dogged fight, then I got a sight of the fish this was a nice one, after what seemed an age and several shakes of my net the fish finally was mine, I haven’t seen a head and shoulders on a fish like this in a long time, measuring the fish it was a gnats over the 50cm mark, I was really pleased and my host was speechless, a day that I couldn’t really be bothered to go fishing turned out to be one not to mist.



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