Funny Game Fishing

Well it rained again yesterday, but the rivers kept dropping so I shot over to the upper Wye where I was fishing on Sunday afternoon, I lost loads of fish in the fast water, the run was around 3-4 inches lower so I thought I would fish smaller flies duo style, working my way up the run I caught 4 trout in around ten yards as I moved up the run quietly the dry disappeared again this time a grayling around a pound , things are looking better I thought, by the time I got to the top of the run a couple more trout were caught but non of the bigger grayling so I swapped to a French/Czech nymph style of fishing and worked my way back down the same run straight away fish on and it feels a lot better fish and off it comes, not again I thought, but I told my self think positive, as I carried on down the run another nice fish took the fly a grayling around a pound and a half and in the net it went thank God for that, but again the next three fish came un buttoned, shaking my head and thinking my three week lay off because of the floods had made me losse something in my fishing ability, I moved off down stream to another run, this run was running a lot faster, so I have that lovely thought in the back of my mind that the fish could slip the hook a lot easier, first fish to take the fly was a cracker, saying to my self don’t loose it , don’t come off  and after a really good battle it was landed, I was over the moon, quick pic and back in the water, then another nice fish again landed safely as I went to take a pic that sickening beep beep battery low came out of my mobile phone, switching it off and back on I managed another pic, but as for photos that was it, in this run I caught another five fish and nothing came off.

Isn’t strange how in one run you can’t keep anything on and then another one you don’t have any problems what so ever, I do think it is more to do with how the fish take the fly rather than what I’m doing when playing the fish, mind you can’t win them all can you !!

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