Nice To See

I really like teaching family members to fish, it takes me back to when I was very small going fishing  with my farther and brother, it must be nice for the youngsters looking at those memorable days when they were young, today I had a farther and son from Cardiff, they wasn’t sure if they wanted to take up fly fishing or not so it was more of a give it a go sort of day, so we meet up and had a chat about what they wanted from the day, I explained all about the safety and legal side of fishing and then on to some basic casting, we started off with the roll cast and it was nice to see how they both picked it quite quickly, also it’s nice when farther and son learn together as one person might pick things up quicker than the other and help each other out in the future, so after they were happy we moved onto the overhead cast yet again they both picked it up quickly, which makes my life a lot easier and I like an easy life, any how our fantastic summer raised its ugly head yet again and it started pouring down, so they had a shelter under some trees and I sorted the gear out for some fishing, the rain passed after about 20 minutes, so we moved onto fishing techniques, there was a slight fly ointment as the river had started to colour up which would make the fishing a little harder, we started of nymph fishing as I hadn’t seen any fish rising, the fishing was a little on the slow side and then Osian hooked a fish which went start for cover and came off the hook as I moved down to  Gebaint  I asked have you had any bites, “no nothing at all”, so I looked at his technique and pointed out a few things that wasn’t quite correct and bingo a grayling and two casts latter another, the river was rising and the colour was getting worse so we decided to call it a day and a good job really as just after I got in the rain started again and I think Noah would have been looking for a bulk order of wood !!


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