Another Lovely Summers Day

The picture really doesn’t show how windy today was, Alan had never fished let alone fly fished so it was more about casting than fishing, Alan started off with the roll cast, which came together really well, the stop was slightly soft to start with but a few quick pointers the line was going out nice and straight, so pleased with that we moved onto the roll cast off the left shoulder this wasn’t quite so good to start but after a short while came as good as off the right shoulder so wind direction wouldn’t be problem for Alan, after a quick drink we moved onto the over head cast, I demonstrated the basics of the pick up and put down cast, Alan really did pick this up very quickly, the line was going out really well, landing gently and with no effort what so ever, very impressive, so onto shooting line, a lot of people to start with struggle to get to grips with letting the line go on the stop, either to early or to late, Alan spot on, this is making my job rather easy, so onto false casting yet again Alan seemed to pick it up very quickly, so to try false casting and shooting line for someones first lesson this is asking quite a bit but yet again Alan did very well the stop on the final cast wasn’t as good as on the basic pick up and put down, but very good for a first attempt, just before lunch I asked Alan to put a roll cast and then the over head cast together as I wanted him to try fishing a dry fly after lunch yet again he performed the cast well, he’s a very quick learner.

We had a break and I sorted out his leader with a size 16 sedge pattern and we had a fish to break the day up, Alan couldn’t quite belive how quick you had to react to a fish coming to the dry so missed a few to start, then caught a small brown trout, then ten minutes later and nice little grayling, missed a few more and then a little bit better trout, the wind was blowing quite strongly and now the rain had started the fish didn’t seem to like the weather as much as us and stopped coming up to the surface, so I swapped over to a nymphing rig, giving Alan a quick demo of what to do three casts and I caught two trout and lost one, nice for me but not what I wanted as I wanted alan to catch the fish, so we tried for around an hour but Alan caught nothing, so we had a recap on the casting making sure it was all locked in Alan’s brain and called it a day.

What Alan had to say about his day.


Thanks again for a really enjoyable day.
The casting in particular has given me the incentive and the knowledge to practise on my own. Hope to see you again for some more lessons (when I’ve mastered what you have already shown me!).
I really appreciated your patience and I wish you the best for the future.

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